• crowepps

    Influencing a couple percentage points of junior high students so that they waited a short while longer and then describing it as something that *works* when the influence of the other interventions on students wasn’t all that different and a large percentage in all interventions continued to behave no differently than those who received no intervention at all is stretching it.

    I’m not sure, for example, that a medication which showed similar ‘cure’ results would be approved as effective and certainly if studying a medication, the side effects would have been tracked (pregnancy, STD exposure).

  • joshuasgrandma

    The GOP wants to keep funding Ab-Only groups because they are the grassroots groups that get out the vote for Republicans. In many states the groups that get this money also use it to train workers in political activity, lobby state and local government and other activities that are illegal to do with federal money. When we tried to get state and federal officials to investigate – they didn’t want to know…. So no wonder Specter and others want to keep this money flowing.



    ‘The last time we mixed religion and politics, people got burned at the stake’

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