Letter from Religious Organizations Supports “Abortion Neutral” Health Care Reform

A coalition
of 16 religious organizations, representing a wide range of religious diversity, has signed a letter urging Congress and the White House to support
comprehensive health care reform that does not "create new restrictions to
abortion." Their letter below.

undersigned religious and religiously affiliated organizations urge Congress
and the White House to support comprehensive, quality health care reform that
does not create new restrictions to abortion coverage beyond what is in current
law. The health reform bills that were initially brought to the House and
Senate floors were crafted to be abortion neutral, an appropriate reflection of
the fact that this legislation is intended to serve Americans of many diverse
religious and moral views.

We believe
that it is our social and moral obligation to ensure access to high quality
comprehensive health care services at every stage in an individual’s life.
Reforming the health care system in a way that guarantees affordable and
accessible care for all is not simply a good idea-it is necessary for the
well-being of all people in our nation.

The passage
of meaningful health reform legislation will make significant strides toward
accomplishing the important goal of access to health care for all.
Unfortunately, the House and Senate-passed versions of health reform include
language that imposes significant new restrictions on access to abortion
services. These provisions would result in women losing health coverage they
currently have, an unfortunate contradiction to the basic guiding principle of
health care reform. Providing
affordable, accessible health care to all Americans is a moral imperative that
unites Americans of many faith traditions. The selective withdrawal of critical health coverage from women is both
a violation of this imperative and a betrayal of the public good.

The use of
health reform to advance new restrictions on abortion services that surpass
those in current law may serve only to derail this important effort.  American families should have the opportunity
to choose health coverage that reflects their own values and medical needs, a
principle that should not be sacrificed in service of any political agenda.

We urge
Congress and the White House to support meaningful health reform that, unlike
the provisions in the House and Senate-passed versions of health reform,
maintains current law in reference to the funding of abortion care.



for Choice


Justice Action Network

Episcopal Church

Jewish Women


Council of Jewish Women

Church (U.S.A.) Washington Office

Christians Uniting

Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Religious Institute

Union for
Reform Judaism

Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries

Methodist Church-General Board of Church and Society

Universalist Association of Congregations

WATER – Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics
and Ritual

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