‘Personhood’ Sputtering in Colorado, Says Denver March for Life

Anti-choice activists tried mightily to put a
happy face on their annual March for Life rally but the news was grim for its
priority project — placing another "personhood" constitutional
amendment on the Colorado ballot.

Personhood USA co-founder Keith Mason told the January 2010 rally
participants that the proposed measure to give civil rights to fertilized eggs
is short the required 50,000 petition signatures needed to place it on the 2010
ballot. Audible gasps rippled through the rally crowd estimated at under 300 by
a Colorado state trooper.

In yet another setback, the group was also
informed by the Colorado Secretary of State that a clerical error miscalculated
the date by which petitions must be submitted for verification. Now, Personhood
Colorado must return its petitions by February 12 — four days earlier than expected
following a six-month certification drive to collect 76,047 voter signatures.

Even so, Mason was defiant as he tried to whip up
the crowd by refusing to declare defeat.

"I want to tell you that the Colorado
personhood effort didn’t get enough votes if you didn’t already know
that," said Mason. "It was the first one in the country. But we
didn’t get enough votes. But it wasn’t a failure. It was a start."

In fact, the group, then known as Colorado for
Equal Rights, was defeated in a landslide 73-27 vote in 2008 when other
religious conservative-backed ballot measures in recent years have passed

The latest Personhood Colorado campaign has been
marred by poor fundraising and divided attentions as its national organizers
attempt to place constitutional amendments in all 50 states.

Woes from the Centennial State Friday continues a
streak of bad luck for the paleo-conservative anti-choice movement.

Nevada District Court Judge James Russell ruled
January 8 that a like-worded personhood amendment declaring fertilized eggs as
imbued with civil rights protections was unduly vague and threw it off
the ballot. Supporters have vowed to appeal the decision to the Nevada Supreme

The Personhood Mississippi push has been rocked by
on-going confusion over ballot deadlines and a well-under-the-radar campaign,
as RH Reality Check reported earlier this month. Nsombi Lambright, executive
director of the ACLU of Mississippi, said the group appears to be working on a
parallel legislative effort with a constitutional amendment that will require a
two-thirds vote of the general assembly to place the initiative on the ballot
should the petition effort fail.

Lambright said she isn’t detecting any enthusiasm
among state lawmakers to wade into a protracted and highly contentious process
to approve a personhood amendment. She doesn’t expect it to get far.

Despite the on-going bad news for personhood
proponents, the show must go on. A frigid mid-morning press conference was
attended by less than a dozen personhood campaign supporters – about half of
whom were staff members and rally organizers from Colorado Right to Life.

Even the noon pre-march festivities themselves was
decidedly more subdued than last year’s spectacle that featured gory images on homemade posters and fiery anti-abortion

The 2010 Denver March for Life kick-off rally in
sights and sounds:

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  • truth

    The Culture of Life will Prevail!

  • crowepps

    It’s strange how easy it is to get signatures when those signing visualize those who will pay the penalty of the law as ‘slutty teenage girls whose parents don’t know they’re screwing around’ or promiscuous 20-somethings who are too dumb to know that ‘pregnant’ means ’embryo inside’, and how hard it is to get signatures when those who will be inconvenienced by the law are the signators themselves who don’t want to give up convenient and reliable birth control or be at risk of spending months gestating a pre-dead baby.


    It’s so easy to come up with laws that punish ‘them’ and so difficult to pass laws to make ‘us’ be ‘moral’.

  • prochoicegoth

    So, did Scott Roeder successfully maintain the "culture of life" with his actions? If pro-lifers were part of the "culture of life", wouldn’t they be for programs that help maintain this "culture of life", like welfare and other programs that will help feed, clothe and shelter women and their children? 


    Are you a troll or do you really believe the crap you type on this site? 

    It’s pro-choice or
    NO choice.

  • the-watcher

    At this point, wouldn’t it be a good idea for them just to give up? After all, it’s "the will of the people." And "the people have spoken." It would be a shame if we tried to "override the public" because that would be "contrary to democracy."


    Or do those arguments only apply when the fundies are winning?

  • crowepps

    Because when the fundies are winning it’s because they’re RIGHT and when the fundies are losing it’s because the ignorant masses just don’t know TRUTH.  If people would just LISTEN to them then those people would UNDERSTAND why they should get their way 100%.  And if people perversely refuse to listen, then of course it’s THEIR OWN FAULT if they get hurt.


    The exact same thought pattern is extremely common among men who commit domestic violence, by the way, as well as your typical fringe religious cults and white-supremacy groups.

  • faultroy

    It is really surprising that they received the kind of exposure and results that they did. And, Mason is correct in saying that it was the first volley and there would be more efforts. It must also be understood however, that the general public is becoming more and more untrusting of the pro-abortion rhetoric. And it appears that its previous incarnation, in which they received a 73-27 defeat, would seem to reflect this. To receive almost 30% with such a radical position is both stunning and frightening. It is certainly reasonable to allow women to make personal choices, but it is also reasonable to require responsible, informed and moral choices as well. Until both sides of the debate quit sniping and distorting the issues, we will have fringe groups like the above make more and more headway with the average American. The current hysteria over the Tebow Superbowl Ad is just the kind of rhetoric that really alienates the average American from the pro-choice position and leads them to suspect that there may be ulterior motives. There will always be pro-choice and pro-abortion positions, but it will be the moderate seeking neither unyielding extreme that will ultimately make the final call. That "moderate" needs to feel comfortable that whatever position they take will be reasonable, pragmatic and morally defensible.

  • swift

    Wendy is right. What is a person? Just because a carbon-based blob has unique DNA different from the two parents’ DNA doesn’t make the blob a person! Right-wing psychos and religious fruitcakes need to realize that blobs of unthinking organs, blood and skin are not people. There is a distinct difference. Not all clumps of human DNA deserve to be called persons. Survival of the fittest has made America great. America is wonderful because we all have the right to be happy and not have our economy dragged down by exploding populations of poor people. We don’t need more unwanted kids on the low end of our schools. We don’t need more unwanted kids dragging down our healthcare system. We don’t need more unwanted kids who are going to grow up to be in gangs. We don’t need more unwanted kids trying to take our jobs. For America to stay great we have to convince noncontributing segments of our society (and deserving segments who want to live more richly) to safely and lawfully eliminate unwanted blobs before they become offspring (or after their useful life is over). Don’t confuse morality with reality – banning abortion will lead to collapse of America.

  • boundinc

    Looks like personhood just souttered on past, and will cost Planned Parenthood a million or two in 2010… and that’s just in Colorado, what about Mississippi, and who knows where else? Montana? California? Florida? Wow, within a few years the sputterring personhood movement could cost the baby killers $20-30M per campaign. But don’t fret…once it passes the hemorrhaging, (financial and otherwise) will stop…. once and for all!

  • ahunt

    But don’t fret…once it passes the hemorrhaging, (financial and otherwise) will stop…. once and for all!


    Assuming you are not including women bleeding out from illegal abortion, right?

  • emma

    A person? Whatever ya reckon.


    This, on the other hand, is an actual baby.


    Just to demonstrate the idiocy of the proposition.


    (In case it’s not evident, the first picture is of a human zygote.)



  • prochoicegoth

    There are no babies involved in abortions. And anyone with common sense KNOWS that illegalizing abortions WILL NOT stop them from occuring. But it’s clear to me that your ilk doesn’t give a damn about life. It’s all about controlling women to you sickos.

  • victoriawindsor
    All of us who support abortion should come together and pray to Jesus Christ to keep abortion legal so we no longer have to live in bondage of unborn babies nor the oppressions they put on our lives since there are those of us who do support abortion, that is the only way we can win this anti-abortion battle, also even if the law does come to pass we can still pray to have a misscarriage or a still birth and our prayers will be answered so our unborn child will go back to him or to someone who wants them, or to us later on in life when we want them

    By the blood of Jesus Christ we are free from all bondages, oppressions, and slavery, I am a pro-choice christian and I encourage for us all to come together and pray, not just for us, but for the whole entire world where our freedoms are being taken away