Pelosi Suggests “Two-track Plan” for Health Reform

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday floated the idea of a
two-track plan for health care reform — with Congress pursuing
easier-to-pass incremental changes now and comprehensive reform later, according to Politico.

“We believe that it’s possible to have comprehensive health care reform
as we go forward, but at the same time, it can be on another track
where some things can just be passed outside of that legislation, and
we’ll be doing both,” Pelosi said in an interview.

Asked whether piecemeal changes could come before comprehensive reform,
Pelosi said: “Some may. It just depends on how long it takes for the
comprehensive to go. But it doesn’t mean that the comprehensive isn’t
moving. It is essential. If everyone loved their health insurance in
the country — and you know they don’t — we would still have to do this
for financial reasons.”

“We have to get it done,” the speaker said. “What the process is
doesn’t matter. The outcome is what is important, and what it means to
working families in America.”

Pelosi told Politico that ramming the existing Senate bill through the House is not an option.

“There is no support in my caucus in the present form, at this time,
for the Senate bill,” she said. “I don’t see that as an option. But I
do think that we’re in range to make some improvements in it that will
make it more affordable for the middle class, which is essential. Hold
the insurance companies more accountable. Those two things are
essential to us.”

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