South Carolina Lt. Governor Compares School Children on Assisted Lunch Program to “Stray Animals”

Compassionate conservative?  That is all so last decade.

"Pro-life" politicians supporting policies that actually "promote the life and wellbeing" of people walking the earth today?

Never happens.

But still, when one of these guys shows his unspun true colors, it still shocks.

And I am shocked, if not surprised that in a recent speech, South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer compared people whose children receive free and reduced-price school
lunches to "stray animals that are fed handouts." 

According to the Southern Political Report, Bauer, a Republican candidate for governor, is "floating the idea that too many people get locked into unproductive
lives because they receive various wealth entitlements without making
any sacrifices or doing anything to better themselves."

The reports that last Friday, Bauer said giving food to needy people means encouraging
dependence. It also gives the recipients a license to have children who
will also be dependent on public aid, he said.

"My grandmother
was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to
quit feeding stray animals," Bauer told a Greenville-area crowd. "You
know why? Because they breed."

Wow. And here I thought South Carolina was all about breeding because right-wing conservatives in the state have gone out of their way the past few years to deny women access to birth control, to fund abstinence-only programs that do not work, and to pass fetal personhood initiatives, 24-hour waiting periods and other roadblocks for women seeking to end unintended pregnancies.

Andre: I am confused.

Then again, clarity may not be his strong suit.

“…We’ve got more people voting for a living than we do working for a
living,” said Bauer.


But, notes SPR, "it remains
to be seen how South Carolinians will respond to his harsh analogy.  Fifty-eight percent of students in the state’s
public schools participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program.

Nearly 20 percent of South Carolinians are without health insurance,
among the highest percentages of uninsured in the country.  You’ve got one governor
who "takes a hike" to Argentina and a Lt. Governor who apparently
profoundly disrepects more than half of the state’s population.  Is it
possible that Bauer’s focus on school lunch assistance programs as wildly outlandish "entitlements" masks his inability to think of actual solutions to the state’s mounting problems?

I guess keeping children and their families too hungry to make it to the polls could be seen as a potential political strategy for Mr. Bauer.   Because somewhere, somehow it must be "pro-life" to allow hungry children to experience stunted growth and mental development because they are unable to afford breakfast.

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  • ahunt

    We do animal rescue out here in Podunk.


    Perhaps Lt Gov Bauer would like to implement a spay/neuter program?



  • johnb

    Yes, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer made some insensitive comments comparing feeding poor children to “stray animals”, but when are the poor going to take more responsibility when it comes to bearing children. You know, having an appropriate number of children given their incomes and stressing education. Our immigration system is only worsening the problem by accepting approx. 1.2 million immigrants a year (not counting illegal immigrants), many of whom are exactly what Andre Bauer is describing. If we keep taking in 3rd world immigrants at this rate the problem will only be exacerbated. We can expect to be feeding more people and we can expect our educational standards to decline even more so. And we can expect taxes to go up in the future to fight these futile anti-poverty programs. These programs won’t work at the rate we’re admitting poor immigrants, especially where these immigrants are coming from. All I can say is, expect things to get worse before they get better. That’s the reality check.

  • jodi-jacobson


    In response to your question:

    when are the poor going to take more responsibility when it comes to bearing children? 

    I strongly recommend you attend the next public meeting held by Mr. Bauer, or any of the other politicians in your state currently in power and ask them when they are going to stop putting roadblocks in the way of women–which are always higher for poor women–to access effective contraceptive supplies, family planning services, pap smears, breast exams and all the other forms of reproductive health care that enable women to get the information they need not only to plan their families effectively but also to ensure their own good health so they are able to effectively raise and support their children.

    I recommend you ask your politicians when they will stop trying to substitute widely disproven abstinence-only-until-marriage programs for effective comprehensive teen pregnancy programs.

    I recommend you ask when they will support those women seeking early abortion for unintended pregnancies in gaining access to such services rather than putting increasing numbers of obstacles in their way and then bemoaning the fact that women have more children than they might be able to afford or wish to have in that time of their lives.

    Let’s be real here, John.  You don’t get to take away the ladder and then blame people for falling off the roof.  Take responsibility yourself and ask your politicians why they seem incapable of taking responsibility for providing the most basic services women need to avoid unintended pregnancies, and then we can talk.


    Jodi Jacobson

  • crowepps

    Interesting — funds to subsidize birth control for the poor are cut, pharmacists are told they have a ‘right’ to refuse to fill prescriptions, the smug agree they don’t want ‘their tax dollars’ to pay for abortion, but it’s the responsibility of the poor to overcome all of these obstacles and not get pregnant — by giving up sex, I suppose — the one free pleasure available to them.


    As to the supposed flood of poor immigrants, that flood has slowed to a trickle as our economy has faltered, Americans have become much less picky about what kind of employment they will tolerate, and people who want jobs have little incentive to come here.  They are instead flooding to the factories in their own countries to which our jobs have been outsourced.


    Educational standards are not set by the race or origin of the students, they are set by the ability of teachers, the curriculum chosen by school boards and the amount of resources which the taxpayers are willing to fund.  Our educational standards are low because too many substandard teachers have lifetime tenure, too much school board members want to teach religion instead of knowledge, and taxpayers take the free education they received themselves for granted and resist the call to pay back by educating the next generation.

  • magesa

    His grandmother told him not to feed stray animals, because if they died they couldn’t breed. So now he doesn’t want to feed children. I suppose its true that if they die they won’t breed.

    Not to mention how impossible it is to learn and “better oneself” on a completely empty stomach.

    Could Baeur have become the governor of South Carolina if he had starved as a child without free-lunch assistance programs, if he could never pay attention in school, if he was stunted and debilitated by lack of food? I don’t think so.

    Clearly, the man shouldn’t be where he is anyway.