(VIDEO) End Sidewalk Bullying at Women’s Health Centers

A new video by Kate Ranieri examines sidewalk bullying by anti-choicers at women’s health clinics and calls for advocates to demand an end to such practices.

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  • crowepps

    In Alaska one can legally use pepper spray/bear spray to prevent an assault – having a stranger stalking me down the sidewalk, within touching distance, whining loudly at me about their views on my morality would sure make my spraycan finger itchy —

  • prochoicegoth

    Nothing would make other psychos question their methods than seeing a fellow psycho twitching on the sidewalk.

    It’s pro-choice or
    NO choice.

  • ahunt

    Once again, I recommend a pooch the size of my snoogie woogie baby Boo Boo…


    Great Pyrenees are gentle giants with a BIG voice.


    The downside, of course…is that these idiots are no doubt stupid enough to challenge a dog bred for family/flock protection…


    I think Emma has an attack kitty…