Why Choice Is Important to Me: Alphabetically

This post is part of our “What Does Choice Mean to You?” series commemorating the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Here are the
reasons why choice is important to me.

Adrienne, Alex, Ali, Alexis, Alison, Amy, Angeline, Ann, Anna, Ariana, Becky,
Beth, Bethany, Bo, Brady, Caroline, Carolyn, Channing, Charity, Chelsea, Cindy,
Claudia, Courtney, Danielle, Debbie, Dericka, Dorinda, Ebbie, Eliza, Elizabeth,
Ellen, Ellie, Emmy, Emily, Emma, Erica, Erin, Eva, Fiona, Gillian, Hadley,
Halcyon, Heather, Heidi, Hillary, Holly, Ilyse, Jaclyn, Jada, Jasmine, Jen,
Jenna, Jessica, Joanna, Johanna, Jordan, Joy, Julia, Kate, Katherine, Kathleen,
Katie, Kelly, Kim, Kirsten, Kristi, Lara, Laura, Lauren, Laurie, Leah, Lee,
Lili, Lily, Libby, Linda, Lindsay, Liz, Lucy, Lyndsey, Mackenzie, Margaret,
Marina, Mari, Maya, Meghan, Meredith, Michelle, Mika, Mollie, Molly, Monica,
Morgan, Naomi, Nessa, Noelle, Page, Paige, Pam, Patricia, Pepper, Rachel,
Rebecca, Rusha, Sam, Sara, Sarah, Shira, Sophie, Stacey, Suzanne, Valerie,
Veronica, Whitney.

We all have
a list like this.

These are
the women who have helped me become the man I am today. They are my friends and my family. My mother. My wife. They have meant so much
to me, and done so much for me, that I could not repay them if I had a hundred
lifetimes.  With some, I have shared in
their happiness as they have had children; with others, I have been with them
as they faced the choice to end a pregnancy.
In all of these circumstances, they have displayed a strength that has
made me proud to have them in my life. Choice
means so much to me because they mean so much to me. I feel grateful every day that I have the
opportunity, through my career and my actions, to stand with them against the
bullies and hypocrites who are trying to take away their freedom and their
autonomy. It is both the most and the
least I can do.

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