Memo to Dems: You’re Not My Heroes Anymore

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley may or may not be elected to the U.S. Senate today. I ask you: What difference will it make–one way or the other?

Badly, the Democratic guns-for-hire, Coakley’s would-be colleagues, and the President want Martha Coakley elected because they, badly, want their sixtieth vote for a healthcare bill that presently renders American women unequal, second-class to the men around them.

Coakley can’t wait to vote for it: In thrall to Ted Kennedy’s legacy and desirous of keeping the “Kennedy seat,” talk about entitlement, she campaigns with Vicki Kennedy to make her case.

So, let’s say Martha Coakley pulls it out of the bag. Then what?

Well, at the same time Friday that the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee was pleading with me to send money to help get Martha Coakley elected, I received a call from U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s (D-MN) fundraiser.

Now, Amy is a longtime and dear personal friend: A law school classmate of my husband’s, we have sent money to Amy since her first run for office back in the nineties. So, when Amy decided to run for the U.S. Senate, I took it upon myself to introduce her to then Senator Obama’s donor-world: the world of big-money, progressive Chicago Democrats. The dividends (for her) have paid-off ever since.

But what about the dividends for me, for the rest of the women of Chicago, for the women of Minnesota, or for the rest of America?

Talk about the bag. Looks to me like we’ve all been left, holding the bag.

The reason for the formation of Emily’s List, say, and of other women’s organizations that raise money and work to elect pro-choice, Democratic women candidates, was crystal-clear:

It was to increase the representation of Democratic women in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, so that these women would do what the Democratic men had failed to do: make the American world an equal one.

We were highly motivated; we worked really hard; we had a great interest in helping the interested women among us achieve this opportunity to serve—in order to serve our interests.

Instead, we find them serving their own.

As I’ve previously written in these pages, in lockstep with their male colleagues, the 13 Democratic women U.S. Senators voted for a healthcare "reform" bill that, tragically, takes millions of American women back to pre-Roe v. Wade days, i.e., to daily life in which they will, odds-are, be unable to obtain an abortion, in their very own state.

As to the Democratic women Members of the House of Representatives, well, yes, a group is fighting hard against the Stupak Amendment (talk about pre-Roe!), but their leader, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, birthed Stupak in the first place. Talk about failing to serve the interests of women.

You’re not my heroes anymore.

Your elections excited me. Your elections motivated me to (keep) helping you, because I believed that your election meant I would have representatives of me, fighting for me.

Well, as B.B. King would say: “The thrill is gone.”

Don’t come to me saying you represent me; don’t come to me saying that I owe you my financial support; don’t come to me saying that you are the defender of my rights; don’t come to me saying you matter to women, or, worse yet, for women.

Because right now, you don’t.

So, until further notice, my phone is on voicemail; my checkbook is closed; my e-mail contact list doesn’t include you; my living room chairs are empty of women donors; and my speeches for you won’t get written.

B. B. continues: “The thrill is gone away for good.”

Is it?

That’s up to you.

As we honor Martin Luther King, on the day when we honor the work of a man assassinated for standing- up and acting on his belief in equal rights, the least you can do is:

  • Stop making deals, stand-up to the enemy, and fight like Dr. King did.
  • Stop thinking that being just a little bit better than the guys next-door is enough help for those who depend on you. Dr. King didn’t make this mistake, and neither should you. 
  • Stop thinking that being in proximity to power is sufficient (to our needs). The only thing that actually matters, on days like these, is having the power, and using it to do good. 
  • Stop thinking that fighting to “maintain the status quo” is a win, ‘cause, gee whiz, I tried really hard. It isn’t, not when women’s very lives are at-stake. 
  • Stop thinking “half a loaf is better than none.” Sometimes, some days, these days, this day, it’s not. We know that, and so should you.

And know this:

  • Know that your male colleagues don’t understand what we need, in the way that you do. We need you to do what needs doing.
  • Know that your sworn enemies won’t, ever, honor their word. The last few months of “healthcare reform” are ample proof of that, if any were ever needed. We need you to outflank our enemy, however you can manage to do that. 
  • Know that equal rights can’t be achieved by conducting business “as usual.” We need you to conduct the business that needs conducting, no matter the price you may personally pay for breaking away from the (male) norm.
  • Know that you owe us a debt, and it’s time to pay it. We need you do what Dr. King did: Fight until you can’t fight anymore.

I close as B.B. closed: “I’m free, free now; I’m free from your spell, and now that it’s over, all I can do is wish you well.”

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  • taxservice

    ARE YOU NUTS??? It took all these year’s for Republicans to create the mess this once greater nation now faces!!! We’re almost bankrupt and the country is in dire straights.


    ARE YOU CRAZY???? No one in their right mind would vote to bring back the suppression, oppression, repression, regression of that ilk!!! Obama has had a year. Things are getting better. Don’t cut your nose to spite your face – VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT and do all you can to get out the vote. Total destruction is what the Republicans have to offer. At least we have a chance with the Democrats.


    USE YOUR HEAD!!!! Keep the Republican bums at bay. Investigate ALL of their claims and discover the LIES AND DECEPTION they pay for to soak your brain. Banks are using the interest they charge you and Insurance companies are using premiums which should go towards health care, to lobby congress. We’re paying to enhance their pockets and they’re charging us to do it with money they use to peddle influence and dim the brains of those who are easily hypnotized. GET OUT THE VOTE!!!-:)


    I’d suggest we have a better chance for our issues to be addressed with that 60th vote of Coakley.  If she is not elected, the chances are that, indeed, work to keep ALL OF US unequal will advance.  The difference "one way or the other" is BIG – ENORMOUS – !!-:) (MNSVHO)



  • kate-ranieri

    Great post!

  • colleen

    I must say that I agree with Rebecca. The contempt for women that the House and Senate demonstrated with this bill coupled with the mandatory requirements and the inability to insert ANY price controls (including an anti-trust exemption in the senate bill) make this ‘reform’ a political and social disaster.
    Likewise, the Democrats are so weak and spineless that they need a supermajority to pass this piece of crap?

    The only difference between the American anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles.

    Dr Warren Hern, MD

  • taxservice

    One way to get that "supermajority" is to vote for it!!! The alternative (imnsvho) is anathema. "Jack"-:)

  • paul-bradford

    Jack is right.  The alternative is anathema.  I’ve cast my vote for Coakley and I will be seriously depressed if she loses.


    Let me ask you this:  If you were to draw a big circle and label it "Women’s Issues" and then draw a smaller circle inside the big one and label it "Affordable Abortion Services for the Poor", what percentage of the big circle would the little circle represent?


    Rebecca, I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.  Do you really have trouble comparing the world with Martha Coakley as senator to the world with Scott Brown as senator?  Do you really have trouble figuring out which world would be better for women?


    If it weren’t for liberal "purists" getting upset and staying home when they can’t get 100% of what they want, the conservatives would have NO chance in this great country of ours. 


    Paul Bradford

    Pro-Life Catholics for Choice

  • crowepps

    Let me ask you this:  If you were to draw a big circle and label it "Women’s Issues" and then draw a smaller circle inside the big one and label it "Affordable Abortion Services for the Poor", what percentage of the big circle would the little circle represent?

    Oh, geez, Paul — there aren’t very many poor women who need abortions so it’s okay to throw them under the bus?  You’re ignoring the ‘no abortion included in any insurance policy if the company gets any federal subsidies’ problem which means that ALL women will have more trouble accessing abortion, including women who are raped or who need therapeutic abortions.


    And while I will agree that reproductive services aren’t 100% of women’s medical needs, they certainly have a huge impact on the REST of her health status, so leaving them out means women will be receiving substandard care compared to men.


    The Republicans have been immensely successful at convincing the general population that the most vital concern of the government of the United States is the controversy over abortion and that votes for candidates should hinge on only that issue without any consideration for the rest of what the candidate has done or will do.  ‘Blastocysts deserve to live (and women who have sex should be punished)’ has made it incredibly easy for them to distract everybody from their disastrous record on all the rest of the issues that government should be dealing with.

  • colleen


     How like you to respond to a well thought out article  with condescension, shallow analysis, judgements and the endlessly fascinating subject of your emotional barometer.  Over the time you’ve posted here I’ve read your gloating and joy after the ‘pro-life’ Democrats managed to succeed one more time in screwing over women. I’ve watched the smug self satisfied faces of the pols who pulled it off. The problem is that the Democratic strategy is that of an abusive husband. I believe that Democrats think of women like this:  Who CARES what they think. Where else are they going to go?

    Democratic strategists need to do one of two things. Start treating their former base with something better than contempt and condescension or figure out how to win an election without us. This bullshit healthcare ‘reform’ was the last straw. Right now, the Dems cannot win elections without pro-choice women. You and they need to get used to that reality.





    The only difference between the American anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles.

    Dr Warren Hern, MD

  • taxservice

    Again, the last best hope for women, and others who would be free, is the Democrat Party. Unfortunately, there are those in that party who are governed more by what their religious leaders command than what is in the best interest of all of us. Compromise, sadly, is sometimes the only way to achieve the ultimate goals. Sadly, theocrats (in both parties) have too much power. Immediately, punishing politicians who are on the side of freedom is not very wise imnsvho!!! "Jack"-:)

  • progo35

    No need to worry, Rebbecca, Scott Brown just won. :)

    "Well behaved women seldom make history."-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  • paul-bradford

    I’ve cast my vote for Coakley and I will be seriously depressed if she loses.




    I hope you come back to post on your own thread because you and the other ‘Pro-Choice purists’ had better take some heat for this one.


    crowepps and colleen have already weighed in and, apparently, they’re still not willing to look for common ground with a Pro-Life Democrat.  You top them because you aren’t even willing to look for common ground with a Pro-Choice Democrat. 


    I just finished reading Ellen Malcom’s (president of EMILY’s List) e-mail.  She describes the election result as a "Grave Disappointment".  She was able to get on board with Coakley but not you.  If you don’t agree with a candidate 100% of the time on 100% of the issues you just pick up your ballot and go home.  Nice work!


    I keep trying to point out to people here that there are issues and policies that will enable us to advance reproductive choice, reproductive health and the status of women — and at the same time protect the unborn.  To get to that happy result, however, you’re going to have to change gears.  You’re going to have to be willing to listen to your adversaries and make some compromises.


    Maybe, just maybe, you ought to consider the possibility that you’re not right on 100% of the issues 100% of the time and that it’s actually a good thing that people disagree with you. 


    I predicted that I’d be depressed if Brown won (not that the people here are interested in my emotional state).  It turns out I’m pissed off.  There is a real possibility that the Health Care Bill will fall short in the Senate by one vote and that means NO CARE WHATSOEVER for millions of women and millions of children.  How is that going to help?


    My message to the whole bunch of you is: "Get off your high horses and try to hammer out some workable solutions.  The ‘perfect world’ where everyone agrees with you might not be as perfect as you think."




    Paul Bradford

    Pro-Life Catholics for Choice

  • crowepps

    Your assumptions about my vote are baseless.  I am what is known as a Super Voter – I vote in every single election, including runoffs, whether the candidates are national, state or local, even if the only positions involved are advisory board members.

    You’re going to have to be willing to listen to your adversaries and make some compromises.

    You are fully aware of the ProLife mission to ban abortion, ban birth control, ban ‘fornication’ by women, prevent women from escaping pregnancy after rape, control women’s entire bodies when they are pregnant for "the good of the fetus", and so your call for ‘some compromise’ totally ignores the fact that women aren’t necessarily unreasonable in being unwilling to give them an inch when they openly proclaim that their goal is to return women to the ‘control’ of men.

    Compromises unfortunately won’t get us anywhere except a long series of retreats from agency and equal citizenship because the extreme right-wing won’t stop until issue by issue, inch by inch, they have women once again suffering under the conditions of near-slavery that were ‘traditional’ up until the last century.

  • edward-craig

    Coakley lost because the Massachusetts predecessor of Obamacare also gives too much to the insurance companies, or so a number of Democratic voters told me when I visited Boston last week. Brown managed to get voters not to turn out against him, and nobody thought that the nude photos hurt him.

    Coakley, in Massachusetts mind you, could not get enough Democratic voters to turn out for her.