DCCC Chair Van Hollen Urges Stupak to Run for Re-Election

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich) of "can’t-do-enough-to-help-the-Bishops-strip-women-of-their-rights" Stupak-Pitts amendment fame, tells Congressional Quarterly today that Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) called him "urging him to run for re-election."


There you have it, gals.  The Democratic Party once again has your back.

To the firing squad.


Perhaps they are also urging Joe Pitts and Ben Nelson to create a joint ticket for 2012.


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  • gloria-feldt

    I say good! Let’s beat these jerks fair and square at the ballot box.

    Gloria Feldt


  • radicalhousewife

    Rachel Maddow predicted a progressive women’s revolt. I say we begin it RIGHT NOW.

  • dadumdumdada

    With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans? Seriously, Bart Srupak reminds me of the Dixiecrats back in the ’60s. Mebbe he’s an Anticrat?

  • walt

    I have real issues w/the DCCC ever since Rahm Emanuel was its chair. They tend to lean toward "Blue Dog" so-called Democrats & actively work against Liberal/Progressive candidates. I no longer donate any money to the DCCC or the DSCC – instead I research the candidates for races that are important to me & I give directly to the candidates themselves. Stupak should either go away or join the Repubes. Now if there were a Progressive Congressional Campaign Committee (or Progressive Women’s CCC(PWCCC?)) I would support that.