New Poll Shows Anti-Choice Lawmakers Out of Sync with Their Own Constituents

A new poll released today by Catholics for Choice makes it clear that anti-choice lawmakers are being seen as playing to their lobbyist interests over that of their own districts.

In the four districts polled, constituents stated a preference for abortion coverage to be included in government-subsidized insurance, by a percentage ranging from 51 percent to 69 percent. In three of those same four districts, a clear majority also stated that they want their representatives to listen to them over the Catholic bishops so heavily lobbying them.

John O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, said in a release today:

The Democratic leadership accepted ultimatums from the USCCB [United States Conference of Catholic Bishops] and used the healthcare reform bill to restrict access to abortion services for American women. The 200 bishops who run dioceses do not reflect the views of Catholics, let alone all Americans, yet they played a decisive role in shaping the bill. The bishops’ lobby efforts showed that their first, second and last priority was to restrict access to abortion. Sadly, the Democratic leadership was willing to acquiesce to the demands of a few members who take marching orders from the bishops.

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