A Thank You… To Our Readers…

Dear Readers, Contributors, and Commentors,

I could not let this day go by without wishing all of you who celebrate a very merry, happy, healthy and joyous Christmas; those of you like me who do not celebrate Christmas a very joyous, healthy and happy holiday break, and all of you a happy, healthy new year.

Many of you, especially our regular commentors to RH Reality Check, have alternatively made me laugh out loud at your wit, marvel at your intellectual capacities, become humbled by your devotion to the rights of individuals and groups, and generally are the life of this site.  I really simply want to thank all of you and as we enter a new year wish you all the very, very best.

We will publish again once over the holiday break, on Sunday night, and then be back on January 4th.

Until then, enjoy wherever you are, with whomever and whatever you celebrate.

As always,


Editor, RH Reality Check.

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  • vvixen

    Thank you for making RH Reality Check what it is! It’s a great forum and one of the few voices of reason in the vast intellectual desert that is the Internet.

  • crowepps

    You manage so well, so very tactfully and unobstrusively, to deal with a group of commentators who must at times make you feel that you are attempting to herd cats. Thanks for what you do here!