In Support of Dr. LeRoy Carhart

Last spring, after Dr. George Tiller was gunned down by one of their own, the anti-abortion movement was emboldened in its threats towards abortion providers and patients.  Dr. LeRoy Carhart, the courageous, caring abortion provider and long-time associate of Dr. George Tiller, has stepped forward to take up Dr. Tiller’s cause to "Trust Women" in the face of threats both violent and legal.

Recently, he announced he is providing abortions as Dr. Tiller did, to women who need them at 22-28 weeks, or later if medically necessary.

Anti-abortion groups, including "Operation Rescue," which hounded Dr. Tiller for 10 years and is now moving to Omaha to target Dr. Carhart in the same way, are calling Dr. Carhart "Target #1" in an effort to intimidate him, his staff, and his patients.  They are filing complaints with the Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, asking for investigations of the doctor, who has a completely clear record in terms of medical licensing. This is another form of harassment, and it should be opposed by those who care about the humanity of women.

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Read "Battleground Nebraska: Anti-abortion Extremists Set Their Sights North of Wichita" by Wendy Norris

You can help support Dr. Carhart, his staff and patients by signing our online petition that will be given to NE Attorney General Jon Bruning.  NOW Chapters from around the country are joining forces with World Can’t Wait and sending a petition to NE AG Bruning.  Please take a moment and sign the petition found at the link below. 

Also, Become a fan of ACCON (Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska) on Facebook.

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  • soclosetolife

    I did not hear/find any mention of them using the phrase “target #1.” However if they are using that phrase isn’t that an incitement to violence? I get rather sick of hearing about right wing sloganeering that is somehow exempt from law because of the first amendment.

  • crowepps

    I sure don’t get how the Constitution gives people the right to say "Dr. X ought to be Target 1" and yet the FBI and Secret Service are right in the face of people who say "President X ought to be Target 1". 

  • julie-watkins
    I get angry that the screaming sort of anti-abortion protestors can commit assault (verbal threats are "assault") and local police are intimidated against stopping the bad behavior because the lawsuits that might happen.
    So "first amendment" and acceptable protest behavior is being redefined to permit harrassment. Yuck.
  • prochoicegoth

    I don’t understand why this group is still functioning. They were responsible for the sick-fuck who shot Tiller and they terrorize women and abortion providers! I guess this type of terrorism is okay?

    It’s pro-choice or
    NO choice.