Choice Words from Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

Victory in the Senate!

Last week, women won a huge victory when the Nelson/Hatch Amendment was defeated in the Senate.  This amendment–a carbon copy of the Stupak Amendment that passed in the House–would have made it virtually impossible to purchase insurance that includes abortion, even if they pay for it with their own money! 

But it’s not over yet!  There is still a chance that this anti-choice language will be included in the final version of health reform. 

Call Speaker Pelosi TODAY and urge her to reject any anti-choice language from the final version of the health reform bill.

Sample Script:
Hi, my name is __________ and I live in California. I’m calling to urge the Speaker to reject the Stupak ban from the final health reform bill.  We’re counting on her to protect women’s health!

Speaker Pelosi’s DC Office: 202-225-0100

Let us know you called! After calling, please email to let us know!

Thank you for standing up for women’s health!  Until next month, these are my Choice Words!


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