• fishwithoutabike

    I am the President of Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at Stony Brook University. I was already gearing up to start a petition and informational campaign on campus about the CPCs which advertise weekly in the SB student newspaper when they paid to have the "iCare" propaganda placed into the center of every copy of our newspaper. I have since gotten 165 petition signatures to have all CPC advertising kicked out of this newspaper, and had 3 articles written in other campus newspaper and blogs about my petition. Last week, the organization responsible for paying the advertising fee wrote this letter to one of the campus newspapers, personally attacking me: http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B33M_mQ-I2s0NDU3ZjA3OWYtYTZjZS00ZjhkLWJiYzEtOTE1M2Y3MWFmNmU3&hl=enI don’t know about other campuses, but for Stony Brook the ad was placed by a local organization that bought the actual pamphlets from HLA. Thankfully, the editors of the newspapers who received this letter have allowed me to write a response to be printed together this week. If anyone from another campus would like to discuss my campaign with me or take a look at any of my materials, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message on RH Reality Check or e-mail me at sbstudentscaretoo@gmail.com. I have a petition letter, a fact sheet disproving many of the false, misleading and sensational information in the ad, as well as a compilation of other helpful Guttmacher fact sheets. FYI: Our petition was just handed in this week, and we have not heard yet from the editorial staff of the newspaper who carried the ad.

  • kate-ranieri

    The amount of misinformation and outright lies from prolife literature, web sites, videos and members’ general conversations goes uncontested all too often. Hoorah for your efforts to publicly shut them down and to offer rejoinders.

    At the Allentown Women’s Center in Allentown PA, protesters hand out literature that repeats all of these propaganda tactics you write about. The literature uses inappropriate images that are ethically dishonest, gestationally inaccurate and morally repugnant to the general public. But as the saying goes, If you tell it often enough it becomes truth.

  • prochoicegoth

    You know, if the pro-life position was so right, then why do they have to lie? I’ve yet to see any pro-life literature that can’t be refuted with medical facts. At least the pro-choice position doesn’t have to lie and use scare tactics and disgusting propaganda.

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