Is Senator Coburn a Closet Pro-Choicer?

Is it possible that one of the Senate’s most vociferous opponents of women’s reproductive rights and one of its most adamant ideologues is actually a closet pro-choicer?  

Or is he just stealing our slogans?

Or maybe day after droning day of rhetoric on health care reform emanating from the Senate floor, I am hallucinating.

But I am pretty sure that Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) just declared strenuously (and I am sort of paraphrasing but have most of it) that health care is about:

YOUR choice, YOUR health, YOUR needs, the decisions made between you and YOUR doctor….and the government shouldn’t get involved…..

Emphasis included here to provide context as to exactly how he made these statements.

Either I was hallucinating, or Senator Coburn believes he is speaking only about thethe choices, needs, health, and doctor-patient relationship of men and has no idea that his words are completely hypocritical when seen in light of his positions on women’s health and rights (he’s against a woman’s right to choose and against contraception; he’s also one of those C-Street guys).

Every time I think the hypocrisy can’t go any further, I am proven wrong.

Video at 11:00 or as soon as we can get it off C-span.  You can see for yourself.


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