FDL Action mobilizes phone bank on Stop Stupak Day

On Wednesday, December 2nd, reproductive rights groups and their supporters across the country rally to protest the addition of the Stupak-Pitts amendment to the House health care bill.  Their goal is to ensure that access to abortion for all women, regardless of income, is not sacrificed in the name of health care reform.  But rallies aren’t the only way that citizens can be involved in today’s actions.  One Voice for Choice, a web site sponsored by FDL Action PAC, an arm of the liberal blog Firedoglake, has begun organizing volunteers for phone banking efforts to the pro-choice democratic congressional members most likely to be supporting the amendment.

"Bart Stupak has bragged he has enough votes to kill the final bill if his demands aren’t met" said Jane Hamsher, founder of Firedoglake. "Our goal is to collapse Stupak’s hand and short-circuit this attack on women’s rights. We hope that by reaching out to educate likely voters in their districts to the far-reaching implications of the Stupak language, we can help these wayward Democrats understand that having the Hyde language in the bill is sufficient to their needs."


64 Democrats voted for the passage of the Stupak amendment in early November.


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