Baltimore City Council Passes Crisis Pregnancy Center Accountability Bill

The Baltimore Sun reports that "crisis pregnancy
centers in Baltimore must display signs stating they do not provide
abortions or birth-control referrals under a measure approved by the
City Council Monday night and thought to be the first of its kind in
the nation."

So-called crisis pregnancy centers regularly provide misleading and inaccurate information on birth control and abortion, and often espouse religious ideology.  RH Reality Check has published a number of articles analyzing the role of crisis pregnancy centers in misleading clients on reproductive and sexual health issues, a list of which can be found here.

The Sun reports that Baltimore City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a Democrat who was lead
sponsor of the initiative, called the measure a victory for women’s
well-being. She cited a study by an advocacy group indicating that
women have been misled at pregnancy centers that provide counseling,
clothing and food for expectant mothers – but not abortions.

"It’s a step towards making sure that women have the information they
need to make the right decision for their health and their future,"
Rawlings-Blake said.

Similar measures have failed in the legislature in several states,
including Oregon and Texas, Meister said. A similar bill is being
considered by the Montgomery County Council.

The bill, notes the Sun, passed the City Council on a 12-3 vote, and now awaits a decision by Mayor Sheila Dixon,
who could either sign or veto the measure, or allow it to become law
without her signature. A supporter of abortion rights, Dixon has not
indicated whether she backs the plan.

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  • catseye71352

    There really should be a _federal_ level law preventing these “clinics” dfrom misrepresenting themselves.

    Catseye  ( (|) )

  • crowepps

    Now if they would just require similar signs in the offices of OB/GYNS who won’t prescribe and pharmacies that won’t provide hormonal birth control —

  • harry834

    "state-by-state, ooh baby, gonna get to you giiirrrrl. State-by-state, ooh baby, gonna get to DCeeeee"

    Sorry, inside joke.

    Anyway, here’s to the states standing up to show the federal gov how it’s done

  • kathleen-reeves

    This is truly exciting. These centers are, in my opinion, an especially pernicious element of the anti-choice movement because they claim to offer assistance to women, but they are purely obstructive. A sneakier version of the sidewalk protestor, with an office instead of a sidewalk (and sometimes, government funding).


    Go Baltimore! May the rest follow.