“We’ve Got Your Back” Campaign Launches on Daily Kos

Contributor "Adam B" at Daily Kos has launched an effort to show vulnerable pro-choice Dems "we’ve got your back." 

He offers an updated list of Dems who did the right thing on Stupak and asks for your help in supporting them.  The list is below; the link to his campaign is here.  Go on over and help out.


AZ-01 Kirkpatrick, Ann R+6

AZ-05 Mitchell, Harry R+5

AZ-08 Giffords, Gabby R+4

KS-03 Moore, Dennis R+3

NY-19 Hall, John R+3

FL-08 Grayson, Alan R+2

MI-07 Schauer, Mark R+2

NY-24 Arcuri, Mike R+2

WI-08 Kagen, Steve R+2

CA-11 McNerney, Jerry R+1

IL-08 Bean, Melissa R+1

IL-11 Halvorson, Debbie R+1

IL-14 Foster, Bill R+1

MN-01 Walz, Tim R+1

NY-23 Owens, Bill R+1

NH-01 Shea-Porter, Carol R+0

NY-01 Bishop, Timothy R+0





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