If You Want A Say In Your Own Birth Process, Please Leave Now

Whose idea of customer service is this?  If you want one of those fancy "support people" while your birthing or have some newfangled idea that you’ll be making your own decisions about how you’d like to birth, well you can just turn that pretty little head of yours around and leave right now.

Thank god for The Unnecesarean.com calling travesties like this out in such a hilarious way.

Here’s the friendly message from the physicians at the Aspen Women’s Center to pregnant women:

And here’s just a sample of the spoofs on the sign that Jill at Unnecesarean.com is calling for (You can still enter the contest and win a copy of childbirth educator Penny Simkin’s book "The Birth Partner"):

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  • jillunnecesarean

    Thanks for the write-up, Amie.

    Reactions to the sign, which first made the rounds on Facebook after a doula in Denver posted it, seem to fall somewhere between outrage/disgust and "I guess it’s nice to know in advance how your OB really feels."

  • cpcwatcher

    I’ve been hearing tons about this sorry excuse for a “policy” from both doula orgs and reproductive justice orgs (as someone who is both, I dig it). Thanks for continuing to get it out to the repro justice community!

    You can call the Aspen Women’s Center to voice your concerns regarding this policy here: 801-374-5000

  • momtfh

    Thanks for covering this! Choices in birth, especially women-centered ones with evidence based support, are part of reproductive health.