Baltimore: Making Crisis Pregnancy Centers Do Honest Advertising

It looks like all the recent outrage directed at Crisis Pregnancy Centers—and their underlying anti-choice ideology—is finally paying off.

According to a report in the Baltimore Sun yesterday, legislators in Maryland are considering a bill that would require CPCs to post information regarding what kind of services they don’t offer. Namely, abortion.

“The legislation would affect four centers, two of which are funded by the Roman Catholic Church. The centers provide adoption information and counseling, but do not perform abortions or issue contraceptives.”

The bill was introduced by City Council President Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake “at the bequest of Planned Parenthood,” though her reasoning is more about honest marketing than freedom of choice.

“This is a bill about truth in advertising,” Rawlings-Blake said. “Crisis pregnancy centers provide good and charitable work. A simple sign insures everyone walking into a center knows what to expect.”

If passed, this would be the first legislation of its kind, according to Baltimore’s local NBC affiliate WBAL. According to their report, supporters from NARAL are brushing off accusations that this bill is intended to create harassment for the four clinics in the city that would be affected.

“Using false advertising to get these women inside, they are able to use inaccurate information and scare tactics to take away the women’s ability to make their own informed decisions about what is best for them,” said NARAL investigator Audrey Gottheimer.

Anti-choice activists held a vigil yesterday to encourage the city council to turn down the measure. However, if this bill passes, it could set a president for other cities who are tired of CPCs strong arming women into pregnancy and adoption using fear tactics, instead of letting them have their right to choose for themselves.

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  • catseye71352

    If an organization needs to LIE to stay in business, it does NOT deserve to exist.

    Catseye  ( (|) )

  • drdredd

    Forcing these centers to tell the truth will allow people to make their own choices. It’s the free market at work. Somehow, this is the one time that right-wingers don’t seem to like the free market.

  • harry834

    who said he drives extra miles to get to a store that he knows doesn’t dispense "abortion" drugs. He says there are lists of such doctors/pharmacists. While I don’t like enhancing the wealth of any anti-abortion/anti-contraception medical place (whom may be one of few in town), this idea can wring well with people since they are simply being told what they offer and don’t.
    If they are are proud of these acts of conscience, they should broadcast it.