Anti-Choice Extremists Hold Contest for Burning Congressional Leaders in Effigy

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Randall Terry, the founder of fanatical anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, is sending around an email to supporters asking them to burn Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in effigy as part of a national
Halloween protest and video contest. The email and video rallying
supporters is characterized by an ironic tone that serves only to
heighten the threatening factor that has come to characterize the
organization and its actions.

What we want you to do is hold a protest on Halloween
Day showing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid burning in hell if they don’t
repent of making us pay for child killing in the health care bill. No
this is not a threat to their body but it is a threat to their soul.
First go to Next click on the link Nancy Pelosi and
Harry Reid Burn in Hell.

Of the many notable features of the Operation Rescue call-out is the
explicit references it makes to major mainstream U.S. corporations FedEx Kinkos, Home Depot and Wal-Mart.
The references have the feel of embedded advertising. Do the companies
know Operation Rescue is sending them their “Nancy Pelosi Burn in Hell”
business? Do they want that business?

FedEx spokesperson Jenny Robertson told the Colorado Independent that the company had no part in the video. “Fed Ex is in no way affiliated with [the Terry project] and did not
provide permission to film the video in one of our centers. They probably took that video in the store very quickly and there was no
time to stop it.

“Now, that said, anyone looking to use those images of Pelosi and
Reid [for the contest or protest] would have to have the copyright.”

The pitch:

A sample video featuring the unidentified spokesman:

The email includes video submission instructions and prize information:

“Burn in Hell” Contest rules are as follows:

Join a Contest! Win Prizes!

Who Can make the best “Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid BURN IN HELL!” video?

First prize: Expenses paid for weekend here in DC during Roe vs Wade
anniversary, Jan 22-24, including pro-life training seminar (Includes
travel stipend!)…

And an ironical disclaimer:

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Obey local laws on open flames; be
careful; if under 18, do not burn Nancy Pelosi in effigy unless your
mom or dad is with you, and gives you permission, and strikes the
match; do not burn yourself; do not burn another human being; do not
burn small animals; do not burn large animals; do not burn anyone from
PETA; and remember: this is not a threat to Nancy Pelosi’s or Harry
Reid’s person…it is a prophetic witness of what awaits them when they
die if they do not repent for this horrific sin.

Although Terry split with Operation Rescue, his name and approach to
politics and abortion remain tied to the organization. He reportedly
has been arrested more than 40 times, most recently as part of the anti-abortion protests over President Obama’s commencement speech at Notre Dame.

In 1999 Operation Rescue was ordered to pay $880,000 for harassing and intimidating Planned Parenthood
staff and came under investigation this year after the murder of Dr.
George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas. Investigators found the number of
Operation Rescue Senior Policy Adviser Cheryl Sullenger on the
dashboard of the alleged murderer Scott Roeder. Sullenger at first
denied having any contact with Roeder. She later admitted that he
called her looking for regular updates on the whereabouts of Tiller.

“He would call and say, ‘When does court start? When’s the next
hearing?’ I was polite enough to give him the information. I had no
reason not to. Who knew? Who knew, you know what I mean?” She told the
McClatchy reporters.

Sullenger was convicted in 1988 of conspiring to bomb San Diego area abortion clinics.

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  • chelley

    Michelle Cory ::: This man whoever he is and I have a great deal of trouble calling him a man , should have been aborted, his mother made a terrible mistake creating this,Its not her fault. she didnt know what she was getting.
    I think he should and will burn in hell, and once again I am filled with justification to live in Canada Because in Canada or france or a # of other countries, he would be jailed for a hate crime. I have come to abhor this country, which I used to love. I could murder him myself, but I am not the killing kind, although I had an abortion, do you hear me shmuck, i am not the killing kind. Michelle Cory

  • carolyn-marie-fugit

    You say Terry split from Operation Rescue and then conflate Terry and the current Operation Rescue. Terry’s new organization, Operation Rescue Insurrecta Nex, is NOT associated with Operation Rescue in Wichita. Yes, Terry paid a lot of money to Planned Parenthood, and yes, Operation Rescue came under fire for Roeder’s association with them, but no, the two are not as related as you make them out to be.

  • catseye71352

    It’s YOUR gawd.

    They’re YOUR rules.

    _YOU_ BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Catseye  ( (|) )

  • colleen

    and then conflate Terry and the current Operation Rescue.

    He said, “his (Terry’s) name and approach to politics and abortion remain tied to the organization.” and this is true. Operation Rescue sans Randall Terry remains an organization that uses violence, bullying and intimidation to achieve it’s ends and this, I believe, was his point. Operation Rescue’s ‘Senior Policy Analyst’ remains a convicted felon who was convicted of conspiring to bomb clinics and her phone number was found in Roeder’s vehicle. Just the sort of folks those peaceful little old ladies saying their rosaries should send money to.

    Terry, of course, having been asked to leave his former church for sexually harassing every female in the congregation and having divorced his wife and 6 children (because God told him not to use contraceptives) has converted to Catholicism.

    We could not make this stuff up…..

    The only difference between the American anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles.

    Dr Warren Hern, MD

  • emma

    So, is anyone dressing as Randall Terry for Halloween? It’d be terrifying.

  • crowepps

    “Who: Randall Terry; Dick Retta, and Joan McKee were arrested.

    When: Thursday, Oct 29, 10:30 A.M.

    Where: Capitol Hill

    After lobbying and performing skits this morning in front of the Cannon Office Building, 10 pro-lifers (two dressed as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid burning in hell and three dressed as hellish demons) attended the unveiling of the House Democratic Caucus’s health care bill. Three (Randall Terry, Dick Retta, and Joan McKee) were arrested for shouting, “Nancy Pelosi you will burn in hell for this!” and “We won’t pay for murder!” No warning was issued before the arrests.

    Mr. Randall Terry, responds:

    “Hoyer says he wants ‘rational discussion.’ How can you talk rationally with someone who wants us to pay for ripping unborn babies limb from limb with tax money?

    “Pelosi, Reid, and Hoyer are lying to us. If child-killing wont be funded, why are Hatch’s amendments defeated? Why is Pelosi trying to keep debate off the House Floor? Because they are lying — child-killing is a key part of this legislation.”