(Video) Clueless In Congress: Senator Sessions Badgers Mom Bankrupted by Son’s Illness

These days, when you think of the health care reform debates now going on, you might rationally think "what next." C-sections, rapes, domestic violence as pre-existing conditions. Parents made to leave jobs and deliberately live below the poverty level to get care for their critically ill children. Women told to get sterilized….It goes on.

As these stories pour forth, you might think that conservatives would look around and say, hey, compassion requires us to rethink what is going on here.  But if you think that the Republicans have learned any lesson from the fallout of Senator Kyl’s statement about "not needing maternity care," think again.

In the following video from a hearing on bankruptcy and medical debt held on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) literally badgers a mother who has gone bankrupt due to the costs of her son’s illness with and subsequent death from cystic fibrosis.  (The video is longer than most; watch it through to the end.) As she recounts the struggle caused by losing her home, her and her husband’s jobs, needing money for food, gas, and daily living, he seems determined to tell her that she might have needed "credit counseling" and perhaps should have been more effective in filling out computer forms.

So what next?  I don’t know…it just keeps coming.



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