Roundup: Guttmacher Study Proves that, Yes, John Boehner, Family Planning and the Economy Are Linked

Guttmacher study shows effects of recession on childbearing decisions:

During the stimulus debate, male commentators and policymakers from Chris Matthews to John Boehner ridiculed the notion that family planning had anything to do with real issues, like say, the economy.

A new Guttmacher study suggests they should be eating their words or at least adopting a greater degree of humility…..

As Amie Newman reported in-depth yesterday, a new Guttmacher Institute Study shows that women are postponing pregnancy and having fewer children because of the
recession, but just when they need birth control most, many can’t pay
for it.

"The recession has impacted much more than people’s wallets,"
Laura Lindberg, a senior research associate at the Guttmacher
Institute, told U.S. News and World Report.  Guttmacher issued its report Wednesday.

especially those that are facing financial difficulties, want to avoid
an unintended pregnancy more than ever, and many of them are having
difficulties affording their contraception to do this," she said.

"Egg-as-Person" Amendment in Florida reaches petition stage:

A proposed state
amendment banning abortions has been accepted by the Secretary of
State’s office, and petition gathering soon will begin, writes Mike Thomas of the Orlando Sentinel.

     Here is what it would say on the ballot:

The word "person" and "natural person" apply to all human beings,
irrespective of age, race, health, function, condition of physical
and/or mental dependency and/or disability, or method of reproduction,
from the beginning of biological development of that human being. ”

In other words, writes Thomas:

The minute sperm enters egg, we have a person. One way
birth control pills work is by thinning the womb so if an egg is
fertilized, it will not implant.  Some Christians consider this an

This is a rather extreme interpretation. But these are rather extreme
people. A similar amendment was soundly defeated in Colorado. But
backers are back at it, trying to get it put on the ballot again. And
when it loses again, once assumes they will try a third time and a
fourth time and so on.

He goes on to say:

people say we are a Christian nation and should be governed by
Christian principles, I think of issues like this. Exactly whose
interpretation of Christianity would prevail? An interpretation that
bans birth control and forces raped women to have the babies of their
attackers? Would women be arrested for taking the pill? If a doctor
knew a woman was on the pill, would he be required to report her? What
about women who take the pill for medical reasons other than birth

The potential intrusion into privacy is staggering.

Obviously, the amendment would be trumped by Roe v. Wade. But in the
event Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, one assumes this then would be
the law of the land.


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  • juliejulie

    I find the idea of living in a “Christian Nation” terrifying. I didn’t know I was living in a nation for Christians only with no room for other systems of belief. I thought this nation was founded on the idea of religious freedom. It was my impression, from the many hours of political science I took at college, that the most sacred part of our constitution is the seperation of church and state. How can this type of thing be constitutional? How can they make a law that includes wrong facts? Birth control pills prevent ovulation, something that happens BEFORE conception. All i can say is, everybody needs to do everything they can to get their hands on a copy of “the handmaid’s tale” with natasha richardson, robert duvall, and elizabeth mcgovern and show it to everyone they know. because that is the new reality we may be facing if we let these fanatics continue unchecked. Remember, a lot of people thought hitler was crazy, they also thought someone would surely stop him before he did anything really crazy. These value voters, neo conservatives, etc. are the modern hitler. they threaten our freedom and our livelyhood. is any body else frightened by this sort of thing?

    julie in memphis

  • jodi-jacobson

    Just want to point out that Thomas was quoting others regarding the issue of a "Christian nation" and was himself critiquing it from the very same perspective as you are.


    best, Jodi

  • colleen

    is any body else frightened by this sort of thing?

    Yes, I wake up at night worrying about this, to be honest.
    This is, to my mind, the main danger we presently confront (and we confront many) and we are well on our way to a neo-feudal theocracy already. May I recommend an excellent book by a former Republican and brilliant mind? Here’s the URL to a NY Time review:

    The only difference between the American anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles.

    Dr Warren Hern, MD

  • littleblue

    <blockquote>is any body else frightened by this sort of thing? </blockquote>


    I am TERRIFIED for the world my daughter is going to inherit as an (fertile) adult.  TERRIFIED.