VIDEO: All Abortions Should Take Place in the Public Square

Thanks to our colleagues at Right Wing Watch for this tidbit from the Values Voter Summit:

Lila Rose–the college student whose claim to fame rests on taking surreptitious videos while posing as a pregnant 13-year old at Planned Parenthood clinics and who has become the darling of the conservative movement–suggested in her speech at the Values Voter Summit in Washington DC this past weekend that, until they are illegal, abortions should be performed "in the public square…..

until we were so sick and tired of seeing them that we would do away with the injustice altogether….maybe then we would hear angels singing when we ponder the glory of conception."

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose tells the Values Voter Summit audience that abortions ought to be performed in public until they are finally outlawed.

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  • crowepps

    Well, it would make it easier for Lila Rose to throw stones —

  • emma

    She sounds freakishly insincere, or like she’s talking to a small child… Does her audience consist of a bunch of foetuses, or something? ‘Angels singing when we ponder the glory of conception’??!! wtf? Does she mean literally? And is she talking about literally performing abortions in the middle of town squares?


    Crazy. I wonder if people like Lila Rose realise just how extreme and insane they sound…most people who aren’t particularly familiar with the wingnuttiness of the anti-choice movement, at least in Australia, would probably be dumbfounded by The Crazy.


    When they use the term ‘The Unborn’ I start thinking about the Undead, and then imagining a bunch of vampire/zombie foetuses running around the place. Then I start to giggle and it’s all downhill from there.

  • betty-brown

    this sounds like something a 7 year old with fundie parents would think up to impress them. geez, these people ("people" meaning far-right, lunatic, religious nuts) & their sickness/fear/paranoia/desire to control women/etc. will never, ever fail to amaze and disgust me.truth?  is truth unchanging law?  we both have truths, are mine the same as yours?

  • catseye71352

    NUTJOBS, more like.
    Catseye  ( (|) )

  • cpcwatcher

    I would agree to abortions being performed in the “public square” when…
    – the adoption industry offers a little bit of transparency so folks can see the corruption prevalent in many adoption agencies that literally “sell babies”
    – the birth of a baby born to a 13 year old girl and her father is in the public sphere
    – the push-pull between insurance companies, caregivers, and patients is also out in the open for everyone to marvel at
    – a baby born with fetal brittle bone syndrome is in the public sphere, letting everyone see the trauma experienced by the mother as her body tirelessly labors to give birth to a still-born child, irreparably damaging her reproductive organs beyond repair
    – we can also bring CONTRACEPTION INFORMATION out into the public sphere!

    Obviously I don’t think two of the above (the births) should be in the public at all… do these folks think health care should really be performed in public? WHAT CENTURY IS THIS?!?!

  • siby

    Sooo anti-choicers either want abortions to be legal and done in the public square, or illegal and done in the back alley. Great.