The NYT Issue on Women: Responses From Around the Web

The recent publication of a series of articles in the New York Times magazine
focused on women and development, at a time when several books on the
subject have also been published, has sparked debate in the women’s
rights community internationally and domestically.  These debates come
at a time when US Foreign Aid programs are under review and during the
15th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and

In today’s series, RH Reality Check features commentary on these issues from a diverse set of voices in the US and abroad. 

Previous commentaries include on by Edwin Okong’o of New America Media, Yifat Susskind of Madre, Carol Jenkins of the Women’s Media Center and Amanda Marcotte of RH Reality Check.

RH Reality Check editors are so impressed by the depth and range of responses to the New York Times Magazine series and Kristof-WuDunn book that we wanted to include links to some of these posts on other sites around the web, as well. Thus, here for you are additional voices that you won’t want to miss!

Lucinda Marshall, Feminist Peace Network

Memo to the NYT: No, Women Aren’t The Problem

Ann Friedman, Feministing

Getting Out of the Way So Women Can Save the World

Jen Nedeau,

Women’s Rights: The Cause of the 21st Century

Media Misses

Women’s Rights

As well, Jane Roberts contributes her thoughts in her RH Reality Check reader diary, "Half the Sky is Falling."

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