Well-known Anti-Choice Activist Shot in Michigan

As reported by our colleague Todd Heywood of the Michigan Independent, a well-known anti-choice activist, James Pouillon, was shot to death today while attempting to protest in front of a high school.  School officials had attempted to escort him off the school’s property.  Pouillon was shot in front of the school by a suspect now in custody.

Pouillon’s murder has been linked to another homicide in the area, according to local police.  

As Heywood notes,

In addition, a second homicide was discovered shortly after the Pouillion murder. WLNS, the Lansing CBS affiliate, reports police have confirmed the two homicides are connected and that they have a suspect in custody.

No motive for the killing had been determined at the time of this writing.

Whatever the cause of this murder, violence around the issue of choice and women’s rights has been on the rise in the United States for the past several months and the most recent example of such violence known to have been tied to these issues was the killing of Dr. Tiller in the vestibule of his church in Kansas on May 31, 2009.

Whatever the motive behind the killing of Mr. Pouillon and whatever his own background in the anti-choice movement, RH Reality Check deplores the use of violence as a tool in the debates over women’s rights and health, in any form and against any person.

Our thoughts and wishes for healing go out to Mr. Pouillon’s family and friends.

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  • jimmyroma

    The far left extremist just made the choice for this guy, after all it’s only a life. What bothers me is the utter hypocricy of the anti-life crowd.