UPDATE: Killer of Pouillon and Fuoss Charged, Planned to Murder a Third Person

According to Todd Heywood, a New Journalist Fellow working with RH Reality Check, and to MLine.com, suspected killer Harlan J. Drake, 33, of Owosso has been charged with two counts of first-degree,
premeditated murder in Friday’s slaying of an anti-abortion activist in Owosso and an Owosso Towship gravel pit owner.

MLine.com reports that:

County Prosecutor Randy Colbry said Drake also
had plans to kill an Owosso realtor but was arrested before he could
carry out his alleged plan.

Drake was arraigned Friday afternoon and ordered held without bond
in the Shiawassee county jail. He is also charged with Shiawassee one
count of felony firearm and carrying a firearm with unlawful intent.

Slain were James Pouillon, 63, of Owosso and Mike Fuoss, 61.

Colbry said Drake had grudges against all three men.

The grudges were not related. 

"This was not an anti-choice murder spree," said sources in Michigan.  "There was no political agenda.  He is a disturbed man."

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  • jill-stanek



    "He is a disturbed man" is your attempt at a pass? And Scott Roeder wasn’t?


    No, Scott Roeder in your view epitomized the pro-life movement.
    Here’s something for you, from CNN last night:


    Authorities say the suspect, Harlan James Drake, was offended by anti-abortion material that the activist had displayed across from the school all week.


    Jim Pouillon was an elderly, defenseless man who needed an oxygen tank to stand his pro-life ground.


    Harlan James Drake epitomized the dangerous, violent, premeditated-murdering pro-abortion movement.

  • siby

    I can’t think of any anti-choice leaders that receive death threats every day, or who have to be assigned a federal marshal to protect them, or who have to go to work in a bulletproof vest everyday, or who have to endure protests at their own home. Hell, I can’t even think of any other anti-choicer who has been murdered for his or her anti-choice view, except for this man (and it’s doubtful that he was murdered for his anti-abortion views, even). We are not the violent ones.


    There are two kinds of anti-choicers. There are the anti-choicers who are willing to murder someone, and there are the anti-choicers who want abortion providers dead, but are afraid to fire a gun, so they use their hateful rhetoric as a tool to incite violence, instead. When you call someone a baby killer over and over again, and actually have people that believe it, how the hell can you expect that he doesn’t get murdered by one of your followers?

  • kate-ranieri


    Perhaps if the article used bullet points it would be easierfor you.

    • There is no connection between the two murders.
    • This was not an anti-choice murder spree
    • Drake is a disturbed man
    • Pouillon used graphic fetus posters in front of high school
    • Pouillon was not defenseless. He managed to get around to several clinics


    And last, your inflammatory rhetoric is not very productive.

  • kate-ranieri

    Jill Stanek, a writer for the antichoice community, claimed that Jim Pouillon was a defenseless man. And, try as she did, to wrap him up in vulnerabilities by mentioning his use of oxygen and leg braces, she failed. She failed because the reality is this man, who no doubt was a charming man to those in his inner circle, was an activist. He staged protests in front of schools, libraries, car dealerships, and so forth. So how is that being defenseless?

    The closest we can agree about Mr. Pouillon’s defenselessness, is that he was indeed vulnerable as would any one would be against a mentally unstable individual with a gun like Drake or against a politically motivated individual with a gun like Scott Roeder.

  • crowepps

    The fact that he was disabled doesn’t make him any more ‘defenseless’ in the face of a drive-by shooting than anyone else who might have been standing on the sidewalk. Using this term has far more to do with the idea that society as a whole should elevate to some special status of care those who are ‘innocent’, disabled, mentally ill, etc., while ignoring the needs of those who supposedly ‘can take of themselves’ and who are presumed to bring on their own difficulties by ‘making bad choices’.


    Interestingly, research shows that most people make excuses for themselves, blaming their problems on bad luck, misunderstandings or other people, while taking it for granted that everyone else has problems because of their character failures. Keeping that in mind, the idea of a special status for the ‘innocent’ and ‘defenseless’ seems to shake down to ‘everybody else has an obligation to take care of ME but I don’t owe anybody else a thing.’


    One thing I haven’t seen noted anywhere – there hasn’t been any evidence so far that the man who shot Pouillon was ProChoice. For all anybody knows at this point he might actually be ProLife himself. From what I’ve read, he was offended by the graphic nature of the signs and their display at schools before children – not necessarily Pouillon’s political position at all.

  • crowepps

    Harlan James Drake epitomized the dangerous, violent, premeditated-murdering pro-abortion movement.

    There isn’t any evidence at this point that Drake IS ProChoice. You’re assuming that Mr. Pouillon’s politics were the point – it’s possible that the obnoxiousness of his MEANS were the point. From what I have read to date, Pouillon was only outside the school a couple days a month. It can only be speculated, but perhaps when Drake was on his way to a premeditated killing of the OTHER guy at the concrete company and the realtor who he didn’t have time to kill, he drove by those graphic signs and figured he might as well kill everybody who annoyed him. Perhaps if Mr. Pouillon had decided to spend a day at home with his sick wife he would still be alive today.

  • jodi-jacobson

    given your inability to be objective,

    this was a quote from someone involved in the investigation on the ground….not my statement.

    Nothing about Harlan Drake has to do with the pro-choice movement, and the straws at which you have been grabbing are all gone.



  • halox

    I cannot say that murdering is an answer to anything, but this person engaged in high profile protesting, making himself a target. I disagree with people who obsessively protest, it becomes their identify, therefore going too far. There have been many doctors murdered by anti-abortionists as well, although, it appears that his murder was not a direct result in his protesting, hence most likely his high profile in the community.
    Johnny B
    CEO, Halo Smoke Juice