• harveymilk

    Dear Jim,

    Thanks for writing this wonderful call-to-action on LGBTI health. As you eloquently show, there is so much that is invisible in the realm of queer health, and we have much work to do both to reveal it and then do the work necessary to impact our communities.

    I’m adding this essay to my required reading list for LGBTI health activists. Thanks for writing it.

    As for my fellow commenters above, how strange that their comments have nothing to do with your essay at all. I guess it’s not the first time that Don Saklad has grabbed on to any soapbox he can find ;-) But curiously his comment is yet another example of many health activists’ myopic inability to see beyond fearmongering around HIV– so thanks Don, for proving Jim’s point that we must have a larger worldview if we are to have any impact on HIV, STDs, mental health, obesity, smoking, and our many other health challenges.

  • on-the-issues-magazine

    Please see “Trans Gender is a Life and Death Matter” for more on why LGBT health is so important and how one Feminist Abortion Clinic has developed a bold new treatment modality.


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