Participate in the healthcare debate: meeting with our Senator’s staff

 Dear Nate and healthcare meeting participants,

I’m sorry I
didn’t get around to writing this email sooner.  My 18 month old has
been teething and she missed her mommy this morning.  We had some much
needed family time this afternoon!

I am so grateful for your
participation in the meeting we had today.  So many good and earnest
people came together to honestly share their experiences with the
failures of the for-profit healthcare system.  I am especially grateful
to the members of the MAMA Campaign, who shared their vision for
lowering costs and improving outcomes in maternity care by increasing
access to Certified Professional Midwives, and the supporters of
MomsRising who spoke so eloquently to the ways in which women in
particular are disenfranchised by the broken healthcare system.  When
we take time off to care for our children, we either pay a huge part of
our family income to get access to healthcare or we lose our insurance
and gamble the financial health of our families on whether or not we
get sick.  We spoke with one voice about the importance of reform and
our support for government provided universal healthcare.  Many of us
even expressed our willingness to pay more taxes to provide funds for
this important undertaking. 

want to thank each and every person who shared their personal stories
in the hopes that someone else’s life would be improved if they spoke
out.  And, Nate, I want to thank you for listening and joining in and
taking our words and ideas to share with Senator Cantwell. God bless you all
for taking the time to work for a better America. 


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