VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Interviews Dr. Leroy Carhart

Last night Rachel Maddow continued her dogged reporting on the extreme anti-choice right, covering Operation Rescue’s upcoming protests against Dr. Leroy Carhart’s Nebraska clinic.  Maddow invited Dr. Carhart onto her show to discuss the threats he’s facing.

"Do you feel enough is being done to protect you and your staff?" asked Maddow.

"Local authorities doing everything they can, federal law enforcement also, but Congress needs to get involved," answered Carhart. "Anti-abortion terrorism is a hate crime.”


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RH Reality Check’s Wendy Norris is in Nebraska this weekend to report on Operation Rescue’s protests against Dr. Leroy Carhart.


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  • kate-ranieri

    Congress, those folks we voted into office, need to step up to their responsibilities and ensure that doctors, clinicians and women at reproductive health care clinics have the same freedoms and protections of every other health care facility. To do that, in part, will mean calling this antiabortion zealots for what they are–domestic terrorists.

    We should take a lesson from the brave Christian and Muslim women of Liberia, featured in the documentary “Pray the devil back to hell,” who stood up to Charles Taylor and to the warring factions. Women of different faiths stood side by side to demand to be heard. And they were heard. And men listened and changed their ways.

  • kate-ranieri

    Rachel Maddow desires a bounty of kudos for reporting on these extremists and on the impact they have on health care provides.

  • momtfh

    He mentioned Med Students for Choice in the segment. Woot!


    Mom’s Tinfoil Hat