What Does Perry Want?

Governor Perry sure does like to pick and choose.


Recently, Governor Perry co-signed a letter
with four other governors to Senators Baucus and Grassley, requesting that
Title V abstinence-only until marriage federal funding be reinstated. In the
letter, the governors stated that "abstinence education is working and a
continued investment in this approach is justified," and "that parents
overwhelmingly support abstinence education for their children."


Hold on, abstinence-only programs are working!? If
abstinence-only programs work than why is Texas nationally ranked 2nd
in teen births this year? Why are Texas high school students consistently
ranking above the national average in rates of sexual intercourse? Did you know
that Texas leads the nation in federal funding of abstinence-only education
programs, receiving over $14
in 2008 alone? Abstinence-only federal funds are clearly not
solving the issues they are intended to solve. And support for abstinence-only
programs?  The most recent poll of Texans
on sex education found that an overwhelming 90%
of Texas adults favor teaching contraceptive methods and the prevention of
sexually transmitted diseases along with abstinence in schools.  Perry is not only sorely out of touch with
the citizens of Texas, but he is appealing for more federal money to support failed policies.


A bit ironic, don’t you think, considering that back in
February Perry was strongly opposed to federal spending in the form of stimulus
money and even went as far as threatening secession from the Union.  The stimulus money that could be used to
create 269,000 jobs, improve state roads, and keep tuition costs low at public


Before Texas eventually accepted the federal stimulus money,
Governor Perry was quoted saying, "We
need the freedom to say, ‘No thanks.’"
 So, Governor, what do you say to the millions
of Texans who are saying "No thanks," to abstinence-only funding?



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  • crowepps

    “Abstinence only funding pleases my ‘base’ of sexophobes and religious fundamentalists and those millions of Texans don’t have any right to decide what’s good for their own children.”