Forwarded to Ben, Senator Maria Cantwell’s Scheduling Director

Suzy Myers, CPM
Midwive’s Association of WA State

cc: healthcare team


I want to respond to your call for midwifery supporters and grass-roots members of the MAMA Campaign
to meet with Senator Maria Cantwell.  I have been trying to schedule a
meeting with Sen Cantwell for six weeks now.  I started because of
similar call from MomsRising
to schedule meetings with one of my Senators to show grassroots support
among her constituents for health care reform.  I had also planned to
bring MAMA Campaign materials to the meeting, as I think that midwifery
care is both optimal care for healthy women, and the only way we can afford health care reform
However, I have had a very hard time getting a meeting, even with a
member of the Senator’s staff.  MomsRising has called to help me get a
meeting, and was told that I would be able to see a member of the
Senator’s staff, but the scheduler told me two weeks ago he would get
back to me, and I have not heard from him.  I plan to call him later
this week.  If you are able to call the office on my behalf and urge
the Sentor to meet with me, this would be very helpful.  Thank you for
the work you are doing for women &  families.

In Solidarity,

Alison Cole Duren-Sutherland

Homebirth Mom
Medical Insurance Billing Professional
Apprentice Midwife
Renton, WA

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