VIDEO: Rachel Maddow on Scott Roeder’s Recent Correspondence with Militant Anti-Choicers

Last night Rachel Maddow reported on the contacts Scott Roeder has had with other anti-choice extremists while in prison awaiting trial and then spoke with Amy Hagstrom Miller, President and CEO of Whole Women’s Health, about the nature of anti-choice violence.

In the segment Miller expressed concern that the militant anti-choice movement is boldly operating in the open by communicating freely with Roeder in jail, defying the idea that he acted alone in the muder of Dr. Tiller.

In a related story, Jodi recently reported on the lifting of federal protection from Dr. Carhart’s clinic in Boulder:

Despite mounting threats to the clinic–and potentially to the life–of
Nebraska Dr. Leroy Carhart, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has removed the federal marshals earlier charged with protecting him.

Dr. Carhart lost his federal marshal protection two weeks ago, much to
the alarm of pro-choice leaders, leaving him vulnerable at a time when
anti-choice violence has been escalating across the country, and when
Carhart himself has been openly targeted by groups such as Operation
Rescue, which is calling for protests at his clinic later this month.
In addition, members of the Army of God, an organization that promotes
the use of violence against providers of abortion care, and glorifies
those who commit acts of murder, are also targetting Dr. Carhart.

Women’s rights and health groups are now working strenuously to ensure
that the DOJ restores protection by federal marshals for Dr. Carhart
and to urge the DOJ and the FBI to investigate Tiller’s murder and
other strategies used by these groups as part of a pattern of domestic

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Star reports today that visitors to Scott Roeder in prison reads like a whos who of anti-choice militants and extremists.

Kansas NOW and other womens groups are mobilizing to conduct
counter-protests at Dr. Carharts clinic at the end of August, and are
calling on advocates to call the Attorney General and urge the restoration of federal marshal protection for Dr. Carhart.

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    Thanks to Rachel Maddow for continuing to give airtime to these critical issues and to Amy Hagstrom Miller for so eloquently and bravely speaking out.

  • hatmaker510

    I watched this episode and was shocked.  

    I find it odd that such visitors are even allowed. This assassination was based on extremist anti-choice beliefs – the same extreme views held by these visitors. This is undisputed and can be confirmed by their own words on their website(s).
    Would a terrorist be allowed to receive visitors from other terrorists?? In simpler terms, if an alleged killer had accomplices who were out on bail, would they be able to visit each other?
    This makes no sense to me. 


  • invalid-0

    Yes, kudos to Rachel Maddow! She has been reporting on these issues of safety of abortion providers regularly when the rest of the mainstream media has ignored them. Why can’t health care providers who are providing a legal service to women be guaranteed safety? Do urologists who treat men’s “erectile disfunction” face this sort of life-threatening harrassment?

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