Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, Dedicated Anti-Choicer, to Resign

When President Obama repealed the global gag rule, during his first days in office, Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) was behind the legislative effort to reinstate the ban on US foreign aid funding for family planning clinics abroad who provide abortions with their own funds.

His amendment was defeated by 60 votes, but it was an indication of how much grandstanding socially conservative elected officials still feel is required of them on reproductive health issues.

Now, the Miami Herald reports that Martinez will step down and not return to the Senate after the August recess.  Gov. Charlie Crist will select Martinez’s replacement, which could even be, the Herald notes, the governor himself.

Martinez has been the consistent recipient of "0" scores on NARAL Pro-Choice America’s and Planned Parenthood’s report cards. 


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  • invalid-0

    As a Floridian, this makes me VERY happy.

  • mandyn

    Well, many would be so disappointed after the news of resignation of Senator Mel Martinez. The lone Hispanic Senator is leaving the Senate, as it has been announced that Mel Martinez resigns. Mel Martinez resigns amidst a
    storm of controversy, as he is one of only 9 Republican senators that voted for Sonia Sotomayor to take the Supreme Court Bench. The confirmation of Sotomayor has been fraught with controversy, and many accusations of Republican racism. (It wasn’t the first, it won’t be the last – there’s a reason for that.) Florida Governor
    (Martinez’ home state) Charlie Crist hasn’t announced a replacement yet, but Florida State Senator Marco Rubio is considered to be a front runner. Mel Martinez resigns, and now they’ll need to put cash advances into finding a replacement.