Since When Are TERRORISTS allowed to give Press Interviews?

My head just exploded.


I’ve had a migraine all day, thunderstorms are threatening, and now, I find out that the Kansas City Star thought it would be a good idea to interview the terrorist who killed Dr. Tiller.

Funny, that. How come we never interview other terrorists? We keep them locked away in chains and hoods and in places so dark and frightening that they’ll never be heard from again, but the piece of shit who killed a compassionate man is allowed to spew his crap all over the place.


Oh, and for those people who told me that I wasn’t allowed to call Randall Terry, former used car salesman and founder of Operation Rescue, a terrorist because he never inspired anyone to kill anyone, well, you can read this: Operation
is desperately trying to get its story straight. They SWEAR they had nothing to do with the killing of anyone, but it sure is interesting how their phone numbers and whatnot show up on these terrorists’ persons when they’re arrested. Jus’ saying.

Anyway, according to the terrorist who murdered Dr. Tiller IN CHURCH,

The Kansas City man charged with killing Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller said in an interview he was angry at a major anti-abortion group that he thought had abandoned him.

Scott Roeder also said from jail that he was elated that Tiller was dead and that he knew he could be going to prison for decades.

He talked about his whereabouts on the day of his arrest, including plans he had made to pick up goat milk and cheese at a farm west of Kansas City.
The Kansas City Star interviewed Roeder three times in recent weeks, including once at the Sedgwick County Jail.

In a phone interview Friday, Roeder said he was upset at the president of Operation Rescue, Troy Newman, who had condemned the killing and said his organization <a href="">had nothing to do with Roeder.</a>

Again, WHY is this man being allowed to be interviewed by the press? Have we collectively lost our minds? Shouldn’t he be in a cell somewhere, alone, thinking about the fact that he, who claims to be a good Christian, shot a man in cold blood in a church?

Instead, we get to read this bullshit:

Tiller’s death

Roeder said he felt “relief and joy” over the shooting.

“And I’ve heard that three women have actually changed their minds and had their babies because there’s no availability here,” he said. “Wichita has been abortion-free since that time.

“That’s total elation.”

Is it seemly to allow someone to dance on someone else’s grave? Is he actually celebrating the fact that he terrorized three women into not getting abortions? Is this how we want the abortion debate to continue in this country? The Supreme Court keeps upholding the basic RIGHT TO PRIVACY and nutjobs kill doctors in response?

I actively try to practice compassion.

I actively try to love my enemies, as Dr. King and Mahatma Gandhi tell me to.

But I cannot love the man who killed Dr. Tiller.

What I want is for him to rot in jail for the rest of his natural days, and I want for us to never, ever hear a peep out of him. Allowing him to speak, when Dr. Tiller is dead, is an abomination.

A fucking abomination.

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  • crowepps

    “And I’ve heard that three women have actually changed their minds and had their babies because there’s no availability here,” he said. “Wichita has been abortion-free since that time.

    From whom did he hear that? I find it really, REALLY hard to believe that the three women called the jail and shared their decisions with a murdering terrorist. I guess when you’re that delusional, you can just make stuff up and then declare it’s ‘the truth’.

  • invalid-0

    These interviews are very useful because he is clearly and publicly implicating Operation Rescue and other groups which, if he were silenced, would be able to distance themselves from him.
    Perhaps the islamists should be interviewed more by the press. Maybe they would implicate Saudi Arabia.

  • invalid-0

    OperationCounterstrike:There is NO room for murder in the pro-choice movement.

  • invalid-0

    Hmm.. I guess his/her comment already got deleted by the time I responded? Either way, Troy Newman is full of crap. They say that Randell Terry has “nothing to do with Operation Rescue”, but he was the person who FOUNDED the group. That group was founded on pure hatred. RIP Dr. Tiller. :(