VIDEO: Senator Lindsay Graham to Support Sotomayor

Senator Lindsay Graham announced today on the Senate floor his intention to support the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to sit as a justice on the Supreme Court. 

Amy Matsui, Senior Counsel at the National Women’s Law Center, wrote in her post on the subject:

Graham had questioned Judge Sotomayor intensely during her three days
before the Committee. This most recent announcement brings the number
of Republican Senators publicly supporting the nomination up to five
(Senators Lugar, Snowe and Martinez announcing last week, and Senator
Collins announcing yesterday). Senator Graham’s support is a sign that
the momentum behind Judge Sotomayor is growing.

Senator Graham spoke for over twenty minutes explaining his decision to support Sotomayor.  You can view the entire speech over at Here is the first minute and a half of the announcement:

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