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    While I in no way am attempting to take anything away from this issue because it is a tragic and preventable loss of life in alot of cases but using a racial backdrop for the lack of healthcare for women without making referance to the number women belonging to other ethnic groups who fall into the catagory of making to much for medicaid and not enough for private insurance is a diservice and in my opinion bias. I and my wife are white as are most of the families that we know and we all fall into the catagory of to much, not enough. while I believe that we do need to make the options more transparent for lower paygrade women to find the prenatal care that is so important. Mothers to be and their partners need to be proactive and not just go without because the department of social services said no. Then claim the victim card when something goes wrong. for example it is illegal in the united stated for a hospital not to treat you and if this was the case howcome hundreds of thousands of undocumented women seem to be able to get the neccesary care? I hope this unfortunate issue for mothers to be is taken care of soon

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      I hope this unfortunate issue for mothers to be is taken care of soon.

      With only two replies on this issue we’ve got a long way to go. Furthermore, the rising intervention rate is directly implicated in this issue, and needs to be a part of any discussion concerning maternal and neonatal mortality. Classist bias detracts from the facts.

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