Meet the Egg Rescue Squad

While we were doing some research ahead of posting today’s new feature by Wendy Norris that reports on Personhood USA’s push to get egg-as-person legislation on state ballots across the country we ran across this 2007 cartoon and thought you would enjoy it.

Update, Monday, July 7, 4:02pm, EDT: As per Mikhaela’s request below (and with our huge apologies and humble request for forgiveness for not doing this before!), this fantastic cartoon is courtesy of the amazing Mikhaela Reid. Check out her site, The Boiling Point, for more!

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    I’m glad you like my cartoon, but please add attribution and a link. Thanks!

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    umm…..if you get your period it means the egg from that cycle was NOT fertilized.

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    Not necessarily. The fertilized ova may simply be flushed…happens a lot, you know.

  • crowepps

    The fertilized ova contains portions which may develop into the fetus, the placenta, the cord, etc., the development of which is all outlined in an extremely complex set of DNA instructions.  Errors in the mieosis in creating the sperm or the mieosis in creating the egg cell apparently result in errors in the recombined DNA of the fertilized ova approximately 25% of the time.  If the instructions are garbled, the ova may not be able to begin mitosis (division of the cells to develop a zygote) or may not be able to attach to the uterine lining.  Even if able to implant, research into the causes of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) has shown 50 to 60% of the time sporadic miscarriages are due to chromosomal aberrations.

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    flushed? miscarried you mean? I think that’s what you mean. Certainly that must happen a lot in the first month and if it did you probably would never know about it. All I’m saying is that you’re not going to be criticised for a miscarriage any more than you would be for an ordinary menstrual cycle. I’m not opposed to morning after pills but people who are, are concerned about the pregnancies which have begun to progress, not the ones that never were or that miscarried.

  • therealistmom

    A miscarriage would be if an actual established pregnancy was lost. It is very common for fertilized ova to be “shed” along with the uterine lining without the ova ever having implanted. It is believed that initially the uterine environment is hostile to implantation and that it takes a hormonal response to the presence of the fertilized egg for it to even attempt to implant. There are people on the fringes (like this comic addressed which would be more funny if it wasn’t scarily TRUE) who honestly equate a fertilized gamete not only with a pregnancy (which would be bad enough, as women would be “miscarrying babies” constantly and required to mourn each one) but with a born infant.

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    I find it interesting that the Egg Rescue Squad is comprised of men. I recognize that there are women who support this egg-as-person legislation, but it brings home the fact that there are men trying to regulate reproductive organs with which they have no experience. This goes a little off topic, but I’d really like to see women debate this issue. ‘Cause, you know, we are the ones with the lady parts.

    Anyways. The comic has an interesting style regarding graphics. I think edgy is the word I’m looking for. And, of course, the irony makes me chuckle–reminds me of satire. Muy bueno. =)

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      “I find it interesting that the Egg Rescue Squad is comprised of men.”

      I find it incredibly true to life.
      Most of the nuts that go around murdering abortion providers, casting judgement upon women and provide the most intimidating and thereatening harassment to pro-choice people of both sexes are men. The “heads” of the anti-abortion hate groups are men, etc.

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    Thank you RealistMom. And just to further clarify for cmarie, one of the ways the morning-after pill works is by making the uterine lining hostile to implantation. (The other ways are preventing ovulation or fertilization to begin with … it all depends on what phase of the menstrual cycle the emergency occurs in). So if, as cmarie suggests, people opposed to emergency contraception are only worried about established pregancies, then they don’t have anything to worry about. Unless they want to redefine pregnancy as a fertilized egg … in which case, see RealistMom’s comment for why that’s ridiculous.

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    The brave Egg rescue squad are my herosfind , them, here