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    I was going to pass on commenting on this, but I can’t resist. Why are you calling 18 year-old young women “little girls”. Have you seen any 18 year-olds lately? It’s a small point really, but I find it a bit odd.

    Great topic BTW. As if being a teenager isn’t hard enough, now they have this crap to deal with.

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    I think this author is looking at this subject through a distorted lense. She is so focused on misogny she believes that purity is all about the woman. Wrong. Purity has to be for both boys and girls, men and women. Otherwise, you are only putting the fire out at one end of the forest. It has to be for both sexes. Purity is to teach our kids that the opposite sex is not to be used like an object to satisfy our own lust but to be seen as a person that is to be loved and treated with respect. Purity is also about showing our kids that sex is more than good. It is more than great. It is holy and should be done within the bounds of marriage as an expression of love.

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    I can’t speak for the author but I can give you my own opinion. IMO this purity movement is nothing more than a twist on the modern-day chastity belt, fear and guilt. It’s not legal to bind up your kids in contraptions anymore so you’re just relying on mental torture now. In Biblical times girls were getting married at 12 and 13 years old. Even in Romeo and Juliet, written in the 1500s, Juliet’s mother considered her nearly an old maid at 13 going on 14. Consider that young people are reaching maturity much earlier now than they did even a couple hundred years ago just because of nutritional advances. It wasn’t a huge sacrifice to abstain from sex until marriage in Biblical days. Now, the average age of first marriage is about 27 years old! The ideal of sex within marriage was in a different time and place, long ago. To expect young people to be bound to this 2,000+ year-old culture just isn’t fair to them. I once knew a 27 year old guy who got married just so he could have sex. He was truly tortured over this. So much so that he entered into a marriage with someone he hardly knew – just so he could be true to this absurd ideal.

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    I purchased “The Purity Myth” as soon as it was available from The Progressive Book Club, interrupted my reading of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” to read it instead. I wasn’t disappointed.

    However, in this interview, the bit about “barely legal porn” at the end is confusing. It seems oxymoronic; if it’s porn, then virginity would seem to be mutually exclusive from it.

    In the book, Ms. Valenti writes that “Women’s sexuality and desire are natural, and we need to frame these concepts as morally sound if we want to free our daughters from the confines imposed upon them now.” Am I wrong in thinking that she is being a bit hypocritical, that she is wanting to confine the expression, and appreciation of, young women’s sexuality? For instance, does she want to raise the age of consent for the models on Suicide Girls to 21?

    I don’t think that men want to see young models because of some Lolita-ish fetishism: I think the same aestheticism that attracts us to fresh flowers and bright colors, rather than wilted flowers and shades of grey, is at play. At any rate, I also don’t think that the men who purchase “Barely Legal” magazine necessarily want the models therein to be virginal. In fact, they probably want to believe that they’re experienced.

    Thanks for posting this interview. I consider myself a fan of Ms. Valenti, even if I do have this minor disagreement.

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    Free our daughters, confine the men! Yes, I think the “progressives” still have some work to do on this.

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    First Chastity belts were not for kids. They were used by men to put on their wives to try and make sure they didn’t cheat on them while they were gone for long periods of time.

    Second, I think you’re looking at history through 21st century eyes. People back in the 11th, 12th, or even the 1st centuries were not bombarded by sexual images through TV and other outlets. Sure, people still liked sex but it was not the “be all, end all” that today’s society has made it into. This obsession is hurting our nation and our children. Our children are having babies of their own at age 12!

    Sex within marriage has worked before and it can work in this day and age too. It worked just a mere 100 years ago or less. Why is today different? We have to ignore the lie that we should give into our most lustful desires and have as much sex as we can with whoever we can.

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    People today are NOT consumed by sex. We are NOT obsessed with sex. We all have lives of which sex is a part of. Stop letting your imagination run wild. You’re the one who is obsessed with curtailing the sex lives of other people. You might try minding your own business. Yes, there are a few girls out there having babies at 12. This has been going on since the dawn of humanity. Mary was likely 13 when she gave birth to Jesus. This was commonplace and, in fact, normal in her time. Just because some girls are having babies at 12 doesn’t mean we live in any more of a depraved state than in the past. I think the whole “sex within marriage has worked before” is just a lot of bunk. You might be surprised to learn that 60% of the babies born to Puritan women were conceived out-of-wedlock. There were a lot of shotgun weddings back then too. Why do you think men were fitting their wives with chastity belts in the good old days? And exactly who is proposing having “as much sex as we can with whoever we can?” I’ve not seen that proposed anywhere on this website. There are real lies and misinformation within the “Purity” movement. They’re not helping our young people, they’re hurting them.

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    Exactly. Chastity Belts were used on WOMEN by their HUSBANDS. At the time these were used, men walked around cheating on their wives all the time, and it was a norm. The church even backed this sort of thing up, as a way of preserving male virility and repressing female sexuality. The church even told married women that sex was bad, and that they should refrain from engaging in sex with their own husbands.

    What you may consider to be a “better, more moral” time period was actually a time period which embraced double standards, misogyny, and the like, in a society slanted toward male privelege and female subordination.

    Besides, many cultural factors regarding sex up to this point have been swayed in favor of granting men sexual pleasure, while keeping women in the mindset of “don’t enjoy it, just have the babies and don’t complain.”

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    Not just America, I believe that in every nation, there is someone guilty of the obsession with virginity that hurts young women. Child pornography and internet porn addiction fuels it bigtime. :(

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