The Instigators

Cartoonist Barry Deustch, a contributor to Dollars & Sense and the blog Alas, a Blog, addresses the moral culpability of virulent anti-choice bloviators for Dr. George Tiller’s murder.

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    According the FactCheck.Org, Obama and the majority of Democrats voted against the Family Adoption Tax Credit in 2007. What hypocrisy from people who say they want “common ground” on abortion and desire to make it “safe, legal, and RARE.” The “RARE” means, in part, enabling more adoptions by helping lower to middle class families afford the tens of thousands of dollars in fees that the process entails. I guess it is more important to give people $4500 for a clunker car than an $11,000 deduction that could help an unwanted child have a LIFE. The $11,000-deduction that the bill allows really helps middle class families–like my wife and myself–who are in the process of adoption and for whom the process entails very much financial sacrifice. On this issue, Obama and the Democrats have not been our friends and have shown themselves to be FORKED TONGUE HYPOCRITES ROYALE. The concern is now that he and the Democrats who control Congress will not renew the Republican-enacted tax credit in 2010. Join me in fighting for adoptive families and children and against Democrats who say one thing and do another.
    Submitted by John on June 19, 2009 – 9:07am.

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    You must have learned your craft from the Jack Chick publications. What a waste of your talent!

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    “According the FactCheck.Org, Obama and the majority of Democrats voted against the Family Adoption Tax Credit in 2007.”

    I went to and tried to pin this statement down and their search function reveals no article concerning the Family Adoption Tax Credit and no article connecting Obama and adoption.

    Google, however, revealed that an Adoption Tax Credit has been law for some time. So what did the Democrats vote against? They voted in 2007 against a law which would have removed the sunset provision and made the adoption tax credit, due to expire in 2010, permanent. Considering that they had 3 more years before it would expire, that doesn’t seem quite as ‘alarming’ as this post implies.

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    Bravo! Would that Barry Deustch’s work and the excellent journalism of Dollars & Sense received more exposure. Thanks, Barry.

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    Thanks, crowepps, for doing the search and responding to this repeat-offender troll.

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    A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed. Thank you, Barry, for saving the breath of so many :-)

  • hatmaker510

    Great cartoon. I know I’ll be passing it around.

    And to crowepps – I also wanted to say thanks for checking into the above stated claim. Of course it’s no surprise that such facts were ignored and twisted.