Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Nothing But False Promises and Misinformation

If you are a student, you probably see so-called crisis pregnancy center
ads all the time on campus. They read something like, "SCARED?

But the problem is – these are false promises.

I am a member of Bruin Feminists for Equality at UCLA. We joined the
Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics this
Spring. Like the Campaign, we have two goals: to warn women, especially students, about fake clinics in our community and to let the government know deception on the public dime has got to go.

Young women and men discuss their findings about Crisis Pregnancy Centers which claim to be offering sound advice about abortion and reproductive health issues. Their findings are disturbing. Kathy Spillar and Eleanor Smeal of the Feminist Majority Foundation call for these centers to be de-funded.

So-called crisis pregnancy centers lure women into
their facilities with promises of free pregnancy tests and options
counseling. But once inside, most provide women with false or misleading
information about abortion, birth control, and sexually transmitted
diseases. The real zinger is many of these CPCs receive our federal tax
dollars to carry out their deception.

So, with my boyfriend in tow, I went to find out for myself what kind of
information and options a local CPC really offered. By reading its
mission statement alone, a woman might mistake the center I visited as
being feminist: "empowerment" is the central theme. Their brochure
claims to offer "pregnancy options counseling" as well as tests for STDs
and other screenings. But as I learned firsthand, their talk about
options? Not so much.

The moment I walked in the door, I was hit with spa-like music and an
offer of hot tea, all designed to give me a false sense of comfort. The
receptionist asked me to fill out paperwork and two things stood out: a
question about my religious affiliation and about my partner’s name and
age. Another red flag was the very, very fine print about how most, if
not all, of their "staff" are volunteers and are not certified health
care professionals.

After I finished with the forms, the receptionist magically transformed
into my "counselor." She led me to a white, isolated room (without my
boyfriend) and asked if the Director of the clinic could sit in our
conversation. I agreed.

First, they asked me what I was going to do if I was pregnant. I
replied, "I don’t know." They said their facility does not recommend or
perform pregnancy terminations. Quite suddenly I became keenly aware of a distinct pressure being placed on me by both women. It felt like a
two-on-one tag team and I was their prey. The Director kept saying I
was at the right place because other clinics do not provide the same "facts" that they do about abortion. Calling me "sweetie," she told me
again and again how abortion just complicates matters for women.
Abortion causes women psychological harm, she said. Abortion, she
claimed vehemently, would not be the right choice for me.

So much for "options" counseling.

After the bombardment of questions, they asked for a sample of my urine
– in a Dixie cup (of all things!). Then, I was led to another room with
what looked like an examination table. There a woman dressed in a white
coat introduced herself. She did not identify herself as a doctor, nurse
practitioner or nurse, but she certainly had the white coat. She asked
me questions about my late period and if I was on birth control, but she
never gave me any kind of a physical exam. Then, finally, after what
seemed like days, she told me I was not pregnant.

My response was, "Well, if I’m not pregnant, can I get birth control to
avoid situations like this?" She said, "We don’t get funding for that."
I then asked her for condoms, and she replied again, "We don’t get
funding for that." There was only one prevention method she mentioned:
avoid having sex altogether.

After this consultation, I was led back into the white, isolated room
where I began. My initial ‘counselor’ greeted me with handfuls of
abstinence-only education pamphlets. She then asked me if I felt
"empowered" after this whole experience.

I replied, "No," and left.

But I AM empowered by being a part of great group of active feminist
students at UCLA and by participating in this pivotal national campaign
to expose fake clinics.

Students need to know CPCs target campus health centers to get
referrals. Thankfully our UCLA health center DOES NOT refer students to
CPCs. But a nearby campus, Santa Monica College, does refer students to
a local CPC. In fact, according to our sister feminist student club at
SMC, their student health center even invited a local CPC to table at
their campus health fair this Spring.

No woman should be deceived into visiting one of these places
unintentionally. So I am working on my campus to make sure women know
where they can go to get comprehensive and un-biased reproductive health care and to warn them about fake clinics in our community.

Policy makers need to understand how CPCs intimidate and misinform
women. Over the past eight years, the federal government pumped
millions of dollars into CPCs as part of various
abstinence-only-until-marriage initiatives. But funding for family
planning has remained static or been decreased. President Obama seems
interested in returning to evidence-based sexual health and pregnancy
prevention programs. His 2010 budget proposes to eliminate most of the
giant pots of federal money set aside for CPCs and failed abstinence
only education programs.

We must speak out now to end federal funding for these fake clinics.

It is time to end the dark ages of the Bush era. We can no longer
afford to believe the sun revolves around the earth, the threat of
global warming is a fiction, and that abstinence-only education and CPCs
merit hard-earned tax dollars.

So get involved and help expose fake clinics on your campus or in your
community. Empowerment through action is a beautiful thing.

For more information on the FMF’s Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics, visit

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    CPCs have long targeted communities where they perceive concentrations of young women live who they might persuade carry pregnancies to term and put up for adoption.

    That’s why one tends to find CPCs located near colleges and high schools, especially ones NOT in especially poor urban and rural areas. It’s not that there aren’t as many teens getting pregnant in urban and rural areas, it’s just that they have tended at least in the past to not put up their children for adoption at birth, while young women who are more in a college-bound track in high school or who are in college are more likely to do so, if they don’t terminate their pregnancies. Hard-selling pregnant young women on adoption isn’t usually the case from what we’ve heard and read in good studies on CPCs, they know that ambivalence to adoption may cause serious legal problems, so they focus first on steering women who have positive pregnancy tests away from considering abortion and once that’s assured presenting adoption in as favorable light as possible.

    Myra mentioned colleges that refer women to CPCs. Just a suggestion — while it’s not a good thing that college health centers refer women to CPCs, health centers that do so often refer women to a list of clinics rather than just one or two, and often try to present the list in what they’ll say is an unbiased manner. You may find the same thing at campus women’s centers, where they as well say they’re trying to ‘not take sides’. Actually what both are more likely afraid of is activist groups, especially pro-life/anti-choice groups, lobbying or somehow disrupting their processes and university/college funding.

    And yeah, sometimes the rationale for trying to accomodate anti-choice and pro-choice clinics is done under the white flag of ‘common ground’.

    In cases like that, it might be helpful to at least ask how referrals are made to health care providers, and critique them all in a forum like the campus newspaper. This may not really help much college women from avoiding CPCs — most CPCs who “position” themselves as women’s ‘help’ centers as recognized by college women, in our experience, as not offering comprehensive health care services, discussing what various comprehesive reproductive health clinics have to offer in the community does help.

    Even on large college campuses where most students live on or near campus there are students who commute or who live a significant distance away, and talking about how ALL of the comprehensive clinics in the area have something to offer students. That’s maybe the best pro-choice position to take, and it would help further show the limits and biases of CPCs, especially ones that so obviously are targeted at college women.

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    RH Reality Check, thank you for this in-depth video of women’s experiences on CPCs. Please visit the link above to contact CPC Watch which I co-founded and coordinate, because I’d love to continue working with some of the groups featured here!

    I did some investigative research with OptionLine, probably the biggest link to CPCs in the country. Knowing their take on abstinence-before-marriage, I questioned the phone volunteer saying I was newly married, had had a recent pregnancy scare, and wanted to know how to protect against unplanned pregnancy. The volunteer asked why I had gotten married if I wasn’t ready to have kids, then suggested we abstain from “marital relations” until we were ready for parenthood. OptionLine is the largest connection to CPCs in the country, and that’s how they respond to legitimate questions about pregnancy prevention and sexual health?? In addition, CPCs are infamous for being against single motherhood, often refusing to offer any semblance of prenatal assistance until a woman signs adoption papers (these places are very well-funded by adoption agents), and believe being gay is a curable “disease.” It’s positive that their FEDERAL funding is being revoked by President Obama in his 2010 budget, but states have been far more willing to give funding to CPCs in the past, and that needs to be addressed.

    Thanks again for the great reporting,
    Lauren Guy McAlpin

    Crisis Pregnancy Watch
    Project Coordinator

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    Staffed by volunteers? College health centers should NOT be referring students to any ‘clinic’ that is not bound by HIPPA regulations, an excellent and easy way to determine whether the ‘clinic’ is actually a medical provider or a propaganda front. HIPPA protects the privacy and identity of clients, and prevents those ‘volunteers’ from indulging in out-of-clinic gossip and harassment.

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    You’re exactly right, crowepps. Meeting with health center administrators to discuss this would be a great first step to take in ensuring college students have access to comprehensive reproductive information. CPC Watch is currently working on new pamphlets for resource centers and free clinics for this exact reason.

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    Many pregnancy centers have a licensed medical doctor who oversee their medical operations and materials. They are professional and give accurate medical education regarding pregnancy options.

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      These are just fronts to try to keep women from making the choice to terminate a pregnacy, or get birth control. CPCs should not be federally funded, and they should be closed down, all of them. They have no right to pose as medical professionals, when there is not ONE on the lot. Planned Parenthood is a much better choice as a place for young women to go. Planned Parenthood has actual medical professionals, and gives out birth control and accurate information, not propaganda and lies.

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      There is at me such rule: when I am engaged in any project, necessarily I use that product which consumption is investigated, except for tests for pregnancy.

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    Yes, many have volunteer doctors who are OB/GYNs, but you’re wrong in your statement that they give accurate medical information. A staple of all CPCs is that they claim abortion causes breast cancer, infertility, and depression, claims that have many times been rebuked by the National Cancer Institute, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American Psychological Association, respectively. The studies that they invoke to make such claims are well known to the medical community to have very serious methodological flaws.

    Never trust an obstetrician or gynecologist whose information deviates from medical science and well-founded research:

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    I don’t want to sound irrational here but what if Barry’s parents had decided that he was a mistake and had taken the choice of terminating him. What would life be like for all of you right now? Or what if your parents had chosen to ram a knife in the back of your neck as the “Doctor” pulled you out of your mothers vagina. I think that it is ironic that you fight for the rights of women who had been given the choice of life vs. death. If you want to see justice, choose to fight for those who have no voice.

    • invalid-0

      They didn’t, they were in love and married and chose to have their son. What a stupid comment. You make absolutely NO sense, like most desperate anti-choicers. You don’t believe in abortion? Then don’t have one! Simple as that.

      • independentminded

        People who’re against abortion personally have a right to their own personal viewpoints and to opt to not have an abortion if it runs counter to their beliefs, religion, etc.  What such people don’t have the right to do, however, is to force their own viewpoints on other people.  

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    What a specious argument by yet another person who does not understand anything at all about the actual medical procedure they think they are describing.

    And, gee, how many Einsteins, Obamas, and wackos are hiding in all those sperm you and your friends may be carrying around. Let’s harvest all your sperm and that of all men, fertilize all the eggs we can find, let you raise the progeny and see how they all come out.

    Intelligence, please!

    • invalid-0

      I would have to make the comment that every life is equal, no matter if it is an Einstein, or Barry. I personally am proud to say that I am raising 3 lives. Yes, I do understand the medical procedure. It doesn’t take a medical expert to draw this one out, but I will explain it as simple as possible. Here goes: Pregnant woman. Induced labor. Doctor. Insert tongs. Grab Baby by the skull. Turn baby around. Grab feet. Pull. Give birth up to neck. Grab scalpel. insert into back of neck. Check for pulse. No pulse. No life. One murdered baby. Collect paycheck. Buy BMW. There’s your intelligence. Oh yeah, Father’s Day is this weekend. So be sure to get Daddy (or do you also consider him a sperm donor?) a nice card, and thank him for making the “choice” to allow you to have the freedom to write your psycho babel nonsense.

  • invalid-0

    on psycho babel nonsense. Most abortions occur in the first 4 weeks (over 90%) and when it happens in the last trimester, it is usually because something has gone terribly wrong. GET a CLUE.

  • truth

    My mother is a counselor at a crisis pregnancy center, and I have been asked to become a board member of this center. I have researched extensivley, was in a crisis pregnancy situation at age 17 and I can honestly say that these CPC’s are really helping young women. I think they clearly lay out the reality of the situation, which is and can be scary for a lot of young people. As far as preventing pregnancy, the truth is that there is only ONE way to effectively accomplish this goal and it is ABSTINENCE. The pill is 99%, condoms (well, they break or are never used at all), and even NFP is 99%. So, who’s telling lies… CPC’s offer alternatives to killing the child in the womb whilst the Planned Parenthood (Abortion) Clinics focus on "taking care of the problem." Visit a Planned Parenthood sometime and you will find the same pessimistic women that make up the feminist movement. You can’t advocate for killing and give off a pleasant life-force – it is impossible. For once, please try love. First love God, then yourself and only then can you truly understand love for others. Especially those in most need of your care – woman and children. You are doing nothing by attacking CPC’s because they only tell the truth and the truth will always win. I know that you are incapable of identifying and embracing the truth. You call them liars! I’ve never seen someone volunteer (including the doctor’s who volunteer) who didn’t truly love these women and their unborn children. You don’t kill if you love – not before birth and not after.

    This comment was edited to remove personal attacks while trying to maintain the integrity of the commentator’s point.

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    okay, lets keep federal funds out of both sides of the issue then.

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    okay, lets keep federal funds out of both sides of the issue then.

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    I did my own undercover trip to a crisis pregnancy center in Western MA in the mid-90s, when I was in college. It wasn’t part of any concerted campaign, it was just something that I wanted to do. (I later wrote about it for a civil liberties and public policy class.) The short story is: this sort of manipulation and dangerously misleading – sometimes downright harmful – “advice” has been doles out for a *very* long time by these programs. It is high time that people understand that the “counseling” offered here is extremely dangerous, not only to women’s emotional/mental health, but to women’s physical safety, too.

    For example: I will never forget that the mother-daughter tag-team of “counselors” at the “crisis pregnancy” center encouraged me to tell the father of my child (I wasn’t pregnant, I gave them the true story of a young woman I knew who was) that I was pregnant and give him the chance to be a good father. I told them that I couldn’t do that because I was no longer with the father of the child — that I had broken up with him after he turned controlling and physically abusive. (This is what happened to the young woman whose situation I was relaying.) They told me, and I will never forget this: “Abusive men often change once a baby comes into their lives.” They then went on try to convince me that I should get back together with my batterer, that he wouldn’t hit me once he knew I was pregnant, because kids bring out men’s “softer sides.” This is, of course, in direct opposition to everything we know to be statistically true about the cycle of dating violence and domestic violence.

    I also told them I couldn’t afford to keep the child, that if I had a kid I’d have to drop out of college, and that I had no financial way of supporting myself if I did that (as a low income student, with a paycheck-to-paycheck single mom, that would absolutely have been true if I had been pregnant). They said their church would help, and that was the end of the story. When I asked them how long the church would be able to help me support a child, they had no answer for me other than “it will all work out, you’ll see.”

    Had I been pregnant and followed their advice, I would have been a college dropout with no financial options, fully dependant on a physically abusive boyfriend.

  • progo35

    I simply feel that there should be some measure of compromise in the area of contraception. If I were running a crisis pregnancy center, I would certainly be willing to disseminate birth control and give information about it, along with any abstinence information I might provide. As to the options counseling, I can’t really speak to that, as this is one center we’re talking about, and not necessarily all centers or most centers. I don’t think that it’s wrong to discuss the risks inherent in abortion, so what seems wrong to me in this conversation is that the counselor didn’t wait for Myra to say that she was considering abortion, adoption, or parenting before talking about the risks of abortion. I also think that it is important for CPC s to make their policies of not referring for terminations clear. That way, women will know that they cannot go to these organizations for such referral. But, I think that CPCs are a good thing in helping women who might be struggling with a crisis pregnancy.

    "Well behaved women seldom make history."-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  • invalid-0

    Look, I can tell you from the start that I would never condone an abortion. But, I am not your mother or your conscience. I am also not the one that you answer to for what you do… There are alot of atrocities in the world. Unless further evidence can be given, the option for abortion should be left up to the person having one. No one should be forced to have one, nor prevented (if they are old enough) if they choose. Clinics should be federally funded whether they perform them or not, not be forced to perform them for federal money as is suggested. These CPC’s have a right the same way that abortion clinics have the right. The choice is ours. If there is an eternal life, and if God thought it was OK to abort all the way to the third trimester, then that’s cool. My God tells me it is wrong for me. I would never judge anyone because they had an abortion. It is their body, their choice, and their decision to live with.

  • invalid-0

    Jan, so, would you say that having 9 more early term abortions in addition to the 1 late term abortion woudl help the so-called doctor can afford to get a series 7 BMW? DOnt you see that greed is driving some to perform inhumane acts? But all the pro-choicers fail to recongize that their choice to kill the unborn is done on the taxpayer and insurance premium payer dime. Why should those who morally object to killing millions of babies (late and early term) have to pay for these choices of those who cant figure out how to not get pregnant? But these abortion agencies continue to persuade that a baby is not a person even in the third trimester so maximize profits and send the bill to Uncle Sam and the insurers. But, regardless what we say, or agree or not, the system when fail eventually because dead babies don’t grow up to pay taxes or insurance premiums. Lastly , to Myria Duran, is it that you are seeking to end federal funding for some pregnancy care centers because they are not supporting abortions? Do you have a problem if your tax dollars go to food stamps that may buy baby formula? I would have a just little more respect for these feminists organizations that demand to maximize abortions to do it on there own dime, and not mine.

  • invalid-0

    Now, Jan, that’s interesting, because now you’ve gone from “ninety percent happen within 6 to 8 weeks” to “ninety percent happen by four weeks.” Perhaps you need to get a clue, as that statistic is false. Jodi has said that around more than 80 percent happen before 8 weeks, and that a higher percentage of those abortions happen before 10 weeks. So, don’t misquote data while telling others to get a clue.

  • invalid-0

    I didn’t want billions of my tax money dollars going to wars that Kill born, named, live USA men and women who actually matter and whose lives were sanctioned by a birth certificate, but I had no choice in the matter. It seems like you anti-choicers could care less about these REAL people and the lives of millions of Iraqi’s who were snuffed out, including real live born Iraqi children. You are such hypocrites. What makes you think you get to have a choice when it comes to choice on tax money?? Since more people are pro-choice, majority rules on tax money. Too bad for YOU.

  • invalid-0

    I trust Jodi on this (before 8 weeks, and most of them being in the first month.) Semantics aside, a higher percentage do not happen before 10 weeks. You people keep on upping the number, I notice, but is before 8 weeks that about 90% of abortions occur. (Sorry I made a mistake with the four weeks.) Regardless, A woman STILL has a LEGAL right to an abortion!! That cannot be disputed, it is a part of our Constitution.

  • invalid-0

    If what this article thinks it does or does not let me make one thing clear. Everytime something like this comes up the centers that are clearly helping woman just become stronger. We know your dialogue, we know your thoughts and unforunately for you and fortunately for us it reiterates that we are doing the right thing. We do, do option counseling, offering that a pregnancy does have three options; parenting, adoption and abortion. We are up front with a signed contract of services that we offer and don’t offer at the center. There are pamplhets that are produced by the State Department of Health that we give to our clients that are not scare tactics and not misinformation but the same exact information that is to be given to a woman at the abortion clinic. And if it is really about finding misinformation go watch this…

  • invalid-0

    Live Action Films

    If you want to talk about manipulation and fronts then look at your own eye first.

  • invalid-0

    and what if hitler’s mom had an abortion?
    these arguments are ridiculous.
    my mother had an abortion when she was in her early twenties. if not for that myself and my 3 sisters wouldn’t be here. so that you’re saying that i don’d deserve to be here. don’t play the what if games with abortion.

  • invalid-0

    i’ve been sexually active since i was 16 (i’m 22 now) and i’ve never gotten pregnant. for me, birth control has been 100% effective. if more teens were counseled on birth control you’d have less need for abortions. hormonal birth control + condoms = virtually no chance of pregnancy. i encourage all teens to enjoy their sexuality if they’re being safe.

  • invalid-0

    I was deeply disturbed to hear that these centres will delay telling a girl she is pregnant until it is too late for an abortion. They are literally forcing their will on others, and that is wrong on multiple levels. If they don’t condone abortions, fine, whatever, I don’t really care. But denying a young woman the chance to make that decision for herself? They are playing God with her health and the course of her life.

    There is a strong morality undertone to the pro-life side of things, and I’m fine with that. They are entitled to their opinions, and honestly I agree with them to a certain extent. But spreading misinformation and denying others to make informed choices doesn’t help their cause. The strong religious undertones scare some people off. The coercion and deceit piss others off.

    Every woman has the right to have all the information available to her to make an informed decision. Abstinence IS the best way to avoid pregnancy, but expecting people to abide by your moral code is delusional. They need the rest of the information, accurate information, or you’re helping to put them at higher risk of pregnancy and STIs. That doesn’t help anyone.

    • invalid-0

      I explain the position in this question.
      The man and the woman basically are equal (I not the feminist, if that).
      But! At them a priori different functions.
      Function of the woman – to give birth.
      Function of the man – to provide function of the woman to give birth.
      To provide with sperm, morally, in financially, existentially, any other ways.
      My personal opinion is that. In ANY woman the parent instinct is put in pawn. I repeat: in ANY. Even if it is not ready to become at present mother at pregnancy the instinct will wake up, anywhere will not get to.
      That is why they interrupt pregnancy not so much on the will, how many from inability of the concrete man to be the father. Who is guilty? ;))) The answer is obvious ;)))

      • independentminded

        I honestly don’t buy that argument.  To me, it smacks too much of "keeping both women and men alike in their place(s).


        Also, not every woman has the maternal and/or parental instinct. 

  • invalid-0

    The people who created these centers should be ashamed and disgusted with themselves. They are not helping women, they’re hurting women. Those centers should be banned and the people who created and work in them should be arrested for fraud and harassment. The pro-lifers are nothing but misogynists.

  • invalid-0

    Of course volunteers are very helpful at clinics, just as they are at hospitals. Volunteers at medical clinics must sign confidentiality agreements and understand that patient privacy is absolute. Volunteers at “crisis pregnancy centers”, which are NOT included in HIPPA, have no legal obligations whatsoever because they are not volunteering in a professional setting but instead in a political/religious one.

  • invalid-0

    Deliberately disseminating false medical information and impersonating medical personnel is a CRIME! CPC’s need to be held accountable.

  • invalid-0

    Well Jen, You have made a point that I agree with, I too feel that our government should not have wasted billions on terrible wars that so many of our own soldiers (who most definitely matter) and also kill innocent foreign men, women and children (neatly called ‘collateral damage’) in foreign lands. Before everybody gets really upset with me, I do recognize that our nation has the right to defend itself, but military engagements that go beyond our basic defense should have a limit. I am deeply saddened when I hear about our own soldiers that died in Iraq, Afghanistan, I have friends and family serving there, its a major concern. I did not intend to digress the topic. — I do believe in choices and our freedoms, but its not fair to take an innocent life. Jen, my disagreement is not directed at you, please don’t think it is, it is directed at those that are deceiving people to think that abortion is not the destruction of a life, and, what is even crazier is that a tiny percent of lobbyist convince Washington to make everyone pay for it either by taxes or buried in the soaring health care premiums that you and I will soon be paying (if not already). The end result of abortions is lower birth rates (obviously) so, then there will be less tax payers in the 18 years from now. Jen, you said this is too bad for me, but its really too bad for all US citizens and especially the younger generation that will be inherit the bill. But this is much more than a monetary issue when you think about it. Now, I see you referenced the US Constitution, however, the US Constitution never names abortions as a right, in fact the only part that says anything around this topic is Article 14. within it it says exactly “nor shall any state deprive any person of life”, 92 years prior, the Founding fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” [ I interpret that ‘all men’ in this context 233 years ago means ‘all persons’, I am sure if we had some founding Mothers contributing to the Declaration of Independence, they would have said it better :) ] But we can see that both documents put a high regard on life. Jen, I do give you much credit for having the courage to share your viewpoint, and I know you are a strong defender peoples rights (that is great!), but as a society, if one persons right infringes upon another persons rights, we often have to make a decision as a society. So at one time, drinking and driving was not illegal, but we made laws against it because it was infringing on others right to live. That said, I had read about a court case where a guy was driving drunk, and crashed into a minivan with a pregnant mom and her 3 year old kid killing all in the minivan, and the guy got a few cuts and bruises. In court, the guy got charged for 3 counts of manslaughter [notice 3 not 2]. That court counted the unborn kid as a person. I think that we will see a growing awareness of what abortion really is. I also want to make sure that anyone that is reading this than may have been tricked into thinking that abortion is not the taking of a life, and have gone through with an abortion, that the ones doing the deception are the true guilty parties, not the one who has been deceived. I noticed that Myria was referencing contraception also in the main topic, but I wanted to be very cautious not to confuse the two topics: abortion is the destruction of an unborn person, contraception is the avoidance of conceiving a person in the first place and is not abortion. I am frustrated that certain religious organizations lumped abortion and contraception as if they were the same, but they are not. I hope that Women’s Rights organizations like the Bruin Feminists for Equality help raise awareness of this difference and help end the deception and eliminate misinformation.

  • invalid-0

    hi Jan! Its nice to know you’re thinking of me but I don’t know Marie and never actually commented on this article. It’s OK though, because I understand cheerleading for Planned Parenthood rarely includes much in the way of fact checking.

  • invalid-0

    “I don’t think that it’s wrong to discuss the risks inherent in abortion”

    I don’t either, so long as the information is accurate, and is balanced by discussing the risks inherent in pregnancy, which are much higher.

  • invalid-0

    Planned Parenthood staff have covered up several statutory rape cases; a single instance of which is infinitely worse than the “deception” which supposedly occurs at CPCs (but, of course, it isn’t just a single instance, as documented by Lila Rose: So, should Planned Parenthood also be defunded?

  • invalid-0

    So, should Planned Parenthood also be defunded?

    No, Brandon. The counselors who advised contrary to standing PP guidelines have either been retrained or fired. The counselors at CPCs, on the other hand, give false and misleading information (from someone with religious/ideological training, not a professionally licensed counselor) as part of their standard and acknowledged operating procedure. CPCs see lies and unprofessionalism as strategies to serve their agenda—their operating guidelines typically hold saving the fetus and subduing the woman’s sexuality to be more important than any other objective. Including serving the patient’s actual needs.

  • colleen

    I would also add that the institution with the most multi-generational, international experience at covering up (and indeed enabling and excusing) tens of thousands of documented cases of statutory rape is the Catholic church. Perhaps Brandon was unaware…..



    The only difference between the American anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles.

    Dr Warren Hern, MD

    • invalid-0

      i’ve been sexually active since i was 14 (i’m 22 now) and i’ve never gotten pregnant. for me, birth control has been 100% effective. if more teens were counseled on birth control you’d have less need for abortions.

  • crowepps

    My personal opinion is that. In ANY woman the parent instinct is put in pawn. I repeat: in ANY. Even if it is not ready to become at present mother at pregnancy the instinct will wake up, anywhere will not get to.

    Not sure where you live, or whether you actually know any women who would tell you the truth, but the news here in America certainly makes it clear that the whole idea of a universal "parent instinct" is a myth.  Some people just don’t have that instinct.

  • invalid-0

    There is nothing feminist about terminating a pregnancy, the one power women have that men may never possess. No man is ever forced to kill his offspring in order to keep a job or a relationship. Following through with the natural act of birth ends a pregnancy in a healthy way both physically and emotionally and adoption frees the mother’s of her obligation to the child while sill allowing that child the chance to also fulfill their dreams. We deserve better than abortion, for us and our progeny. THE ANSWER TO A CRISIS PREGNANCY IS TO ELIMINATE THE CRISIS, NOT THE PREGNANCY!

  • crowepps

    There is nothing feminist about terminating a pregnancy, the one power women have that men may never possess.

    There is nothing ‘feminist’ about having children, not having children, getting an abortion, carrying an unwanted pregnancy or giving up a child for adoption.  The ‘feminist’ part is leaving the decisions about reproduction in the hands of the person most affected by them, the woman herself.

    No man is ever forced to kill his offspring in order to keep a job or a relationship.

    Really?  And yet men, able to just stroll away, still kill their offspring.

    Following through with the natural act of birth ends a pregnancy in a healthy way both physically and emotionally

    Unless the ‘natural’ process ends in the ‘natural’ death from complications or ‘natural’ mental illness of the mother.

    and adoption frees the mother’s of her obligation to the child while sill allowing that child the chance to also fulfill their dreams. We deserve better than abortion, for us and our progeny. THE ANSWER TO A CRISIS PREGNANCY IS TO ELIMINATE THE CRISIS, NOT THE PREGNANCY!

    Now here I’ll agree with you — as soon as you’ve gotten the societal problems that create the crisis all cleared up, have ended discrimination against and oppression of women, have ensured that women have societal support in their decisions and economic power to implement, THEN we can get rid of most abortion. 

  • independentminded

    First of all, there’s nothing feminist about forcing a woman or girl to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.  It’s totally unconscionable…and unacceptable that there are so many people who wish to overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling, and force women and/or girls to make the horrific choice of either carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term, thus creating more hardships, such as ill-begotten marriages, more domestic violence, increased welfare rolls, more crime, and complications for the mother if she’s in poor physical and/or mental health to begin with, if she’s a teenager, or if she and her husband or boyfriend (if she has one) are not emotionally and financially ready to have children.


     Believe it or not, too, it’s not just the mother who gets hurt, but the father of the unwanted child, too, gets hurt, even though it’s far easier for him to just "slip the noose" when fed up, while the mother is stuck with the baby.  Moreover, contrary to what many of the anti-choice people believe, a fetus is not a human life, but merely a blueprint of a human life.  I believe that crisis pregnancies have the potential for endangering  the life and overall health, welfare and well-being of both the mother and the baby.  A teenaged girl who ends up pregnant is considerably more at risk of having various complications during pregnancy and bearing a child with various birth defects, mainly because her body is not fully matured physically and neither she or the baby growing inside her receive enough vitamins, nutrition and minerals for good health.


     A girl who ends up in that situation also endangers her mental health and well-being as well, and often cripples her chances of getting an education, learning a skill and/or obtaining meaningful employment in later life.  A girl who ends up in that situation often ends up on public assistance, because it’s the only way she can get support.  

    Here’s yet another reason that abortion rights must be kept in place and must be kept safe and legal:  Before Roe v. Wade came into being 36 years ago, many women, particularly low to moderate-income women,  had to  make the sordid choice of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term, or getting an illegal and unsafe abortion at the hands of a back-alley butcher who was not only untrained in the procedure itself, but worked underground, illegally and under unsanitary conditions, putting a woman at risk for sickness, permanent incapacitation and death, and many women and girls died as a consequence of an illegal abortion.  


    When the Roe v. Wade ruling came into affect back in the early 1970’s, the vast majority of these back-alley butchers who totally took advantage of and exploited women  or girls in such desperate straits out of business.  If the Roe v. Wade ruling is overturned,  these unscrupulous back-alley butchers will be put back in business, and many women will die as a consequence of having to go back to seeking and obtaining illegal abortions.  Had the McCain/Palin ticket gotten the nod, this is where we’d definitely be.