Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act

a senator, President Obama championed this bill, and he spoke of it often
during his 2008 campaign. To encourage responsible male behavior, the bill
provides for domestic violence prevention awareness, and it would increase
penalties for men who avoid paying child support, ensuring that the money from
such payments winds up in the hands of families rather than tied up in red
tape. Given its focus on male behavior and the family unit, the bill is an
interesting departure from others of its kind, but there is debate as to
whether or not its provisions would prove effective.


bill proposes to:

  • Provide grants for Healthy Family
    Partnerships, domestic violence prevention and treatment, and developing and
    implementing best practices in domestic violence prevention;
  • Eliminate
    separate "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)" program work
    participation rate for two-parent families;
  • Ban
    recovery of Medicaid costs for the birth of a child;
  • Improve
    collection and distribution of child support;
  • Provide
    grants to states to conduct demonstration projects to promote economic
    opportunity for low-income parents.




Senate Version of the Bill:


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    I was very wary when I first signed the petition for the socalled support for pregnant women “and families” – because socalled progressives can NEVER seem to simply support women without loading yet another anvil onto men. Sure enough, it didn’t take but the next step to propose to “Increase penalties for men who avoid child support”…Why am I not in the least tiny bit surprised? “Increase education on Domestic Violence”? Ok, let’s do just that. Starting with the never-mainstreamed statistic that women beat their children far more than men. “Progressives” don’t like stats like this, tho, because they want men to stay nice and endarkened and stuck in the suicidal “you’re a man, you can take it” BS.

    Support? Support THIS, you creeps.

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    Woodrow, What are you talking about? If a women decides to not kill the new person in her while not having the full support support of the father, why would you think that the baby’s father should at very least be responsible financially? The truth is that dudes should keep it in their pants till they are ready for a serious responsible relationship (a.k.a. marriage). The fact is that baby has 2 parents, its not cool that the guy should think he can be totally irresponsible.

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      Yet woman dress like sluts and sex sells. Maybe man should only deal with woman in the mouth until they get married. Where is the national theme for that. “In the mouth till you get married.”

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