Melissa Harris-Lacewell: A New Era of Opportunity

Melissa Harris-Lacewell–the writer and Princeton University professor of politics and African American studies–recently spoke at a dinner for the Planned Parenthood of San Diego & Riverside Counties.

In an outstanding presentation titled "Embracing Your Promise: A New Era of Opportunity," Harris-Lacewell honed in on how racial and gender experiences intersect with our reproductive health. Particularly, she pointed to the physiological impact of shame and isolation.

But don’t listen to me: let Melissa Harris-Lacewell speak for herself.


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  • emily-douglas

    This is a STUNNING speech and I’m so glad you shared it with us, Anna. Going into our TV Reality section tomorrow!

  • invalid-0

    “East dances are unusually beautiful, sexual and extremely useful to reproductive health…” ))) – it agree!
    So, construction of system of relationship as primary social communications first of all is based on the reproductive function, one of the major which conditions of performance was physical and mental health of future children with the subsequent possibility of their training and socialisation.

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    Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!