Joan Walsh Defeats Bill O’Reilly

Salon editor Joan Walsh recently appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and made
O’Reilly look like the lunatic he is. At the end of the interview, just before
being played off, Walsh tells Bill that he has "blood on his hands." Remember
that Bill O’Reilly was one of the angriest opponents of Tiller, mentioning him
on his show 28 separate times
before Tiller was murdered.

Gawker – which recently examined why FOX has the angriest
news team on television
deconstructed why Walsh appears to have won:

Her secret?

-Remain calm.

-Finish your sentences, even if O’Reilly
interrupts you.

-Do your research and form your
soundbites ahead of time.

-Don’t raise your voice higher than
Bills, or get more emotional. This way, he looks like the crazy one, as nature

-Leave no charge unanswered, even if it
sounds absurd. Especially if it sounds absurd.

Bill raises his voice to get his guests on edge and then throw
them off. To ignore his barbs and act calm and reasonable turns the tables, and
makes him look like an angry fool. When you finally see this in action, it
seems so obvious that you have to wonder why it hasn’t been accomplished before.

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    So O’Reilly has “‘blood on his hands?”. And you ‘took down’ O’Reilly? You are reading too much of your own publicity Joan.
    A lunatic old man, deranged and out-of-control, with a gun SHOT a man in his church. Shot a man in cold blood in God’s house. Murder is never OK and the only perosn responsible for this outrage against humanity is the man who shoot him. That man is who killed Tiller.
    And you think that you can go on O’Reilly’s show and not look like a lunatic. You played right into O’Reilly’s hand by even appearing on his show.
    Common sense? I think not Joan. Keep on blogging so you can believe your own rhetoric but don’t assume you made any dent in the sentiment of this outrage by appearing on O’Reilly’s show. You simly got publicity for yourself not the cause of justice.
    A man shot a man in cold blood in a church. There is no excuse.

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    She really didn’t win on the debate. She was defending Dr. Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic on a show where the host is a strong defender of pro-life. I am Roman Catholic myself and 100% agree with O’Reilly on this subject. O’Reilly is always passionate on his debates, so he is always raising his voice, so I don’t believe Joan Walsh gained the upper hand in this debate. They both left the interview believing that they were right, just like when the started the interview.

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      Vargoza is Roman Catholic and agrees 100% with O’Reilly on this subject.

      Please help me out here. Life is defined as from birth to death. (Other views stem from religion and we are supposed to have freedom of religion guaranteed in this country.) Our laws and courts say women have a constitutional right to abortions with certain restrictions.

      Do the protesters not believe in the 1st Amendment freedom of religion and want to force everybody into theirs?

      Do you not believe in the rule of law?

      Nobody is trying to force you to have an abortion. Please leave others alone to make their own decisions.

      Reading “This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor” by Dr. Susan Wicklund is a good way to truly understand others with compassion.

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    I am NOT Roman Catholic & I disagree w/O’Reilly 100% – which means I disagree w/Vargoza 100%. Our laws are based on the US Constitution, NOT the bible. Since Dr. Tiller was performing these abortions at the request of the pregnant women, by the anti-choicer’s own logic (as well as legal precedent) those women were putting “contracts” out on their unborn children and should be charged w/1st degree premeditated murder. Why aren’t the anti-choicer’s calling for the prosecution (or execution) of the women seeking the abortions? It is the next logical step. If anti-choicer’s truly believe that the unborn are 100% entitled to the same rights as the rest of us, then they should be calling for the prosecution & imprisonment of women who seek abortions, otherwise they are disengenuous – they know that pursuing this logical and consistent step will doom their cause. Anti-choicers real agenda is to make women 2nd class citizens, again – or reduced to chattel – again. Everyone has the right to privacy (yes, it IS in the Constitution – look under the 4th Amendment), especially in the Doctor’s office, and whatever choice is made between the patient and her doctor should remain private.