VIDEO: Rachel Maddow and Frank Schaeffer on Anti-Choice Violence

Rachel Maddow follows up on her dogged reporting on anti-choice extremism and violence:

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Her guest, Frank Schaeffer, a former religious right activist, says that while he doesn’t think that more extreme wings of the anti-choice movement collaborated with alleged killer Scott Roeder or knew he planned to murder Dr. George Tiller, anti-choice groups do know who commits vandalism against clinics, who glues the doors shut, who might plan to throw firebombs. 

Says Schaeffer, "They know they have some people who are wackos in and around their meetings…and they know perfectly well that some of them may go to the next step.  So if they’re not doing something about curbing that, and working with law enfrocement, they’re really then part of the problem."

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  • invalid-0

    Just shocked, shocked, shocked! So the preachers of personal-responsibility aren’t taking responsibility to stop the extemists in their midst? Who woulda thunk that?

  • abbylevon

    This is something quite out of the box. People in certain groups should also try to take responsibility of the actions of the other members since these actions may also affect them. CreditCardsClub.Com