Late-Term Abortion: In Silence No Longer

One small ray of hope emerged in the aftermath of the horrific anti-choice assassination of Dr. George Tiller. Former patients of Dr. Tiller’s—or those who have had similar experiences with late term abortions—came out of the woodwork to testify to the necessity of their abortions, the painfulness of their decisions, and the goodness of Dr. Tiller, who was willing to brave harassment, arson, and attempted murder to make sure that women in dire need received the care they deserved. And for once, you saw more mainstream news outlets like the New York Times giving space to women to talk about the horror of a pregnancy gone wrong, and the need to terminate.

And it’s working. People like Andrew Sullivan and Steve Waldman, who bought the misogynist claim that women wake up one day at 30 weeks and decide they can’t fit a baby in between their yoga classes and mani-pedis, are being rudely awakened by the truth about late-term abortion. And while they’re still not completely sold on the idea that women have a right to determine if they should be mutilated, traumatized, or killed by a pregnancy gone wrong, they at least are beginning to realize that perhaps their cold assessment of the cold hearts of women was completely off-base.

All this leaves us with an uncomfortable question: Why did we have to wait until a heroic doctor was murdered before people began to question the outrageous claims made against him and against women who have late term abortions? Why does a good man have to be dead before people start to think maybe, just maybe, women aren’t that wicked? Bitch PhD asks this question poignantly:

And finally, all of a sudden people are linking to or telling stories about the kind of abortions Tiller performed. Which is awesome. But those stories have been there all along, both on the feminist blogs and on memorial sites…. Instead we get stories, week after week, about Modern Love or what’s happening "On the Runway" or new trends like teenagers hugging or expensive remodelling projects.

I’m serious about this. "Style" sections are supposed to be soft news, for women, right? Why the hell *aren’t* columns like "Modern Love" sometimes about late-term abortions? That’s a women’s issue.

Why indeed? Well, as a feminist and as someone who writes about reproductive justice extensively, I have to confess that part of the blame falls on the shoulders of those of use who struggle for reproductive justice. These stories aren’t being pushed, because we haven’t been pushing them. We’ve shied away from talking about late term abortion in specific terms, and in the process, we’ve allowed the anti-choice movement and their hysterical fantasies about people who murder babies for fun to frame the discourse. And there’s a number of reasons why.

First of all, we’re beset by a combination of fear and the natural human desire not to be endlessly annoyed. When your opposition is relentless and has no moral qualms about harassment and deceit, it’s exhausting to keep pushing. I know that every time I wrote about the heroic Dr. Tiller, I was absolutely besieged by anti-choice fanatics who have no life outside of their obsession, never seem to sleep, and are absolutely, 100% impervious to reason or reality. Arguing with them was pointless, and even bringing up the subject, especially online, meant an avalanche of abuse from people who function like tanks of hatred, just rolling over everything in sight. Pushing these stories in the media meant asking mainstream media outlets to invite this misery into their lives. Dr. Tiller and other providers who offer late term abortions are the victims of the witch hunt psychology. The hunters don’t care about the truth, just what they want to believe, and if you defend the person they’ve determined is a witch, you’re the next target. Who wants to invite that?

Of course, we should do it anyway, because if you don’t fight back, they win.

The other reason, and this is even more distressing to me, is we were afraid. Anti-choicers’ best weapon is exploiting the disgustingness of surgery, any surgery. (If you described root canals like they do early term abortions, and put up doctored photographs of the results, you could get half of American to freak out and agree to be “pro-tooth”, or whatever misleading phrase you want to use.) But late term abortion is by far the grossest, most distressing of abortion procedures. They really do remove fetuses that are very close to the baby stage. It’s not like early term abortions at all, and even many women who get late term abortions don’t use the word “abortion”, because there really isn’t much feeling that they chose it. The fear is that the public at large will be too disturbed by this fact to actually listen to the reasons why anyone would do such a thing.

It was easy to rationalize avoiding the subject. Third trimester abortions are about 1% of all abortions performed, and frankly, the anti-choice movement only focuses on them because they are especially disgusting, and therefore make a good cudgel to attack all abortion rights. And since they are so emotionally fraught, they have a great deal of appeal to the ghouls that populate the anti-choice movement, the ones who spend obscene percentages of their lives dwellling on graphic pictures of dead fetuses. We feared the topic gave the ghouls more opportunities to scare people and shut down rational thought.

We were wrong to be afraid. We have the moral high ground on late term abortion, and that should be obvious now. No one wants to see their wives, daughters, friends, or colleagues suffer the trauma of fatal birth defects or health hazards that kill or maim them. Few of us are sadistic enough to be party to laws that would force 10-year-olds to give birth to the babies of rapists.

The final reason that many of us in the reproductive rights movement were antsy about pushing the stories of women who have late term abortions is respect. For most women who have late term abortions, the politics of it only comes up insofar as they have to climb over the protesters in order to get the procedure and start the grieving process. Pro-choicers understandably don’t want to add to their burden by asking them to speak out about their experiences. We want to let people grieve in peace. The reason that we want to win this political battle conclusively is so that people can make their most personal choices without the whole world thinking they have a piece of it.

Unfortunately, as these days past have shown, the luxury of having the personal be completely personal and not political will only come when we beat back those who cannot stand that they don’t have completely ownership over women’s bodies. These stories help, and I hope going forward we do not live in fear any longer of telling them.

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    u’ve got to be kidding! this is gonna sound really harsh- but he DESERVED IT! okay? he takes lives, his was taken! fair and square! yeah, i know that’s mean and not right, but neither is killing kids! u ever heard of sarah palin? her child was born with some problems, but she still loves him! i agree w/ this other person- it’s not getting rid of pregnancies- it’s getting rid of PARENTING! some people just don’t want to live with a child with disabilities or they just don’t want to be a parent, period! now, if the mom’s life is in danger- yes, abortion is okay, or if they’re raped. but not late-term abortions, and definitely not for those stupid teens who go out and get pregnant and expect someone else (that poor child) to pay for their mistakes. there are plenty of people out there willing to adopt! geez! what is this world coming to?

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    I self-published a book last year where 46 women (including myself) shared their very personal and very private stories of terminating wanted pregnancies due to fetal anomaly or serious complications with the mother’s health.
    It wasn’t very hard to convince the women to share their stories (as long as they were allowed to do it anonymously). Many of us WANT to tell our stories. We have felt misunderstood, judged, and stigmatized–even by those closest to us. Being able to tell our stories, and know that in doing so other women out there making the same decision would feel less alone, was cathartic and freeing.

  • invalid-0

    I am really glad to see all of the discussions that have come from this sicko’s assassination.

    If any good can be said to come of it, the fact that so many people are now becoming aware that third-trimester abortions are not about the mythical “teenager who wants to fit into her prom dress.” They are the result of tragedy, pretty much without exception. Wanted pregnancies gone horribly wrong, or young women in unimaginably painful situations like rape or incest, things society has told them are shameful (or their own fault) and which their attackers have told them are secret upon pain of more attacks, or social ostracism.

    The idea of forcing a woman to give birth under these circumstances is abhorrent, and should be seen by the general public as such.

  • invalid-0

    Smart One,
    Really? There are actions one can take that make it justifiable for another human to take his/her life? I’ve read my Bible, and it says that killing people is wrong. There are no qualifiers to the statement as have been attached to “pro-life” statements that superficially denounce Dr. Tiller’s murder.

    Secondly, your comment doesn’t sound “harsh.” It sounds ignorant and uncompassionate. It seems to demonstrate an inability to empathize with the real life situations others must live. Therefore, I suggest that when you have the inclination to sound “harsh;” instead choose to “hush” and listen. Open your heart to the vastness of human experience and recognize that you can’t know it all. I may not agree with the decision of another, but I recognize that I am not omniscient.

    Your comment also suggests a sense of disbelief that the choice to have an abortion could be a spiritual decision. To paraphrase the Bible again, we cannot understand all the ways in which God guides us. As a result, we must trust that God is present with us when we are confronted with difficult choices and will not abandon us so long as we carefully consider our options.

    Finally, “Do not judge lest you be judged.” Open your heart. Let God teach you.

    In love and hope,

  • invalid-0

    This very first comment demonstrates exactly what she was describing – a hate-filled, ignorant insistence that everyone actually involved is lying and that the amazing psychic powers of the intolerant have revealed to them what’s in the hearts and minds of strangers. This post demonstrates that anti-legal abortion fanatics are beyond logic and reason and have never heard of compassion.

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    Dr Tiller is not a hero..There is little “goodness” in someone who promised to do “no harm” and then practiced “medicine” as he did.

    Late term abortions and partial birth abortions are way beyond “disgusting” “Disgusting” is mold on your sandwich! I’m certain that you can find a better word to describe the horror of these practices…

    Pro Lifers that you call “ghouls who spend obscene percentages dwelling on dead fetuses” would have better things to do if enlightened Abortion Apologists were not spending obscene percentages of time supporting the production of these dead fetuses.

    Abortion is a horiffic choice for the fetus, the mother and a country who has lost millions of great people who have never been given a chance to see the sun shine..The scope of it cannot be compared so dismisively as pro-tooth.
    (You really have the gift of understatement!)

    Women in physical danger due to a pregnancy…YES! by all means late term must be allowed. My own brother was taken this way to save my mother’s life. She still grieves his death 60 years later on his “birthday”. But her conscience does not haunt her.

    The “moral high ground” only seems high to you because your bench marks are… well … so low i.e.
    late term doctors are heroic
    abortion for any reason is the reproductive justics
    stories about late terming are “awesome”
    people who stand for the fetus are: sadistic, goulish
    obsessive with no moral quams about harassment and
    deceit. (Do you really think of 1/2 of America fits
    this description?).

    Very likey, you will just view me as another fanatic whose goal is the complete ownership of your body. ( You really have the gift for overstatement too!)

    I’m just one of the 52% and growing who believe that life in the womb should not be subjected to knives and corrosive saline solutions. Even a pro choice feminist like yourself would have thanked ANYONE who stepped in to stop these procedures being performed on you.

    Thanks Amanda for a forum to share the “otherside”

  • invalid-0

    “Smart One”, first of all you are just a sad, sick and pathetic person to think that a LAW-ABIDING man, husband, father, grandfather, friend deserved to be murdered in cold blood in his church. While Sarah Palin may have had the CHOICE to keep her Down Syndrome baby, some of us do not have a CHOICE, and that doesn’t mean we don’t love our babies! My baby had NO BRAIN. NO CHANCE. Do you think I just “didn’t want to live with a child with disabilities”? My only choice was DEATH, no matter what I did. My life was not in danger, so my “abortion” would not be what you have deemed, in your infinite wisdom, to be “okay”. Plus, it was “late-term”, which you deem as never ok, even though it’s typically not possible to find out about fatal fetal abnormalities until the pregnancy is well advanced. Why do you think pre-natal diagnostic testing exists? Just so we can find out the gender?? Get real.

    • invalid-0

      Genetic diagnostics for today – the most effective method of planning of a sex of a child, it allows not only to predetermine a floor of the kid from 100 % accuracy, but also provides development of a healthy embryo.

      And the highest achievement of last years, certainly, it is possible to consider possibility occurrence to define a sex of future child even before its carrying over to a uterus.

  • invalid-0

    If you did, you might want to thank ‘abortion’ for all those extra years you had with her.

    10% TO 15% of those polled don’t think abortion should be legal EVEN IN CASES WHERE THE MOTHER WILL DIE.

  • amanda-marcotte

    It’s a lot harder to get that medical degree and actually deal with real people living real lives than it is to make bold, uninformed pronouncements on the internet, isn’t it?  Unfortunately, it’s led you to a situation where you’re applauded the cold-blooded assassination of a good man. 

  • amanda-marcotte

    My comment about armchair doctors.  That something really, really disgusts you doesn’t actually make it immoral.  It’s just really disgusting.  I can see that it confuses the easily confused, though.

  • invalid-0

    You’ll note too that his mother didn’t have an ‘abortion’ – instead his ‘brother was taken this way’.

    We really, really need to focus more on language in this debate. For instance, there is sure a big difference in perception between ‘late-term’ being used to describe 16 weeks/four months along and 24 weeks/five and a half months. Late-term sounds like the fetus might be viable when there’s only a chance in a million that a baby delivered at five and a half months will survive.

  • invalid-0

    Dear U got to be kidding

    You have to understand that reproductive justice does not consider the child at all…Once you take the side of the Unborn you will be called everything in the book from a gouhl to an armchair doctor…Notice, it is okay for Amanda to make bold pronouncements but you of course are judged “uniformed” out of hand.

    Notice that 95% of the mean spirited comments have been made by their side. That is their only defense…Even they want to hide their eyes when the goulish nature of late- term is unveiled…but instead of condemning the practice, they condemn the one who exposes it.

    ALL of us…including the most out spoken abortionist…. must justify the killing little viable people, weak and deformed though they might be. Who has a heart for that? So, their answer is it wrap the horror up in the American flag and call it “Choice” while babies that survive the horror are left to die on a cold steel table.

    The two issues that have divided our country are slavery and abortion…both because they are immoral and justified by government. The first lead to Civil War, and the second
    to the paralysis of free discussion and partisanship.

    Let’s be thankful that the internet gives us the opportunity
    to engage in debate and to Amanda for giving us the chance to air our views on this hideous practice.

  • invalid-0

    Notice that 95% of the mean spirited comments have been made by their side.


    Notice how all the murders are on your side?

  • invalid-0

    Dr. Tiller was a hero! Dr. Tiller was a hero! He risked his life and gave his life so that women could get the healthcare that they needed. Same old wacky anti-choice rhetoric from people who don’t have a life of their own and want to butt in where they don’t belong. A woman’s choice or a woman’s problem pregnancy is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. By the way, you are 22 percent of America. 68% think that abortion should be legal in at least some cases and do not want to see abortion made illegal. While you have the right to your opinion about this, you do NOT have the right to try to prevent a woman from getting the care that she needs. And as long as a fetus grows inside of a woman’s body, it is HER CHOICE whether she wants to continue a pregnancy or not, not yours, not the murderer who killed Dr. Tiller in cold blood, not anyone but HERS. Most of the women who had thrid trimester terminations had their life at risk, or had fetal abnormalities that could cause problems to the woman if she carried it to term. You anti-choicers are not going to stop abortion, you are wasting your time and putting women’s lives in danger. You don’t care about the women one whit though, do you?? it is more important to you to be “right.” You need to learn how to mind your OWN business and get a new hobby!

  • aspen-baker

    Amanda, I really appreciate your very public self-reflection and consideration about lessons learned.  I welcome a growing conversation based in women’s lived experiences with things like late term abortion and I hope this conversation will expand to the emotional experience of abortion.  The realities of these experiences aren’t always easy to discuss or understand, and yet they are the key to a whole different kind of debate around abortion.

  • invalid-0

    The murder of Dr. Tillman means a great loss to women.

    The protesters pretend there would be no abortions if they were criminalized. There have always been abortions, even safe ones for those who could afford them. Although nobody is pro-abortion, most do not want to go back to illegal ones for all but the rich. Last month a poll showed 68 percent support upholding Roe v Wade.

    Late-term abortions are performed because of problem pregnancies. (There is less chance of infection using intact dilation and extraction, but people who think they know more than the doctors that method illegal.)

    The critics often try to equate abortions at the embryo stage with late-term ones. They must also think an acorn is an oak tree! Remember that abortions are safer for women than full-term pregnancies. (I had three children. They were worth the risk.)

    Life has always been from birth to death. People have the right to believe whatever they wish, but they do not have the right to change definitions for everyone else.

    Many who would criminalize abortions are also against the use of contraceptives. Those people may live their own lives as they wish, but in the United States, they positively do not have the right to force their religion on everybody else! Our freedom of religion is very well established.

    To better understand women’s hard decisions, please read This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor by Susan Wicklund.

  • paul-bradford

    I spend most of my time trying to point out that the Pro-Life movement is going about things in exactly the wrong way.  Back on March 28, just after Tiller was acquitted on charges that he’d broken Kansas’ abortion laws, I wrote an article on my ‘blog called "Reacting to the Tiller Verdict".  This is what I wrote then:


    When you move into the area of medical necessity you find yourself in a position where the options are 1) death and 2) death.  There is no Pro-Life alternative when you’re looking at medical necessity, and in the situations stipulated by the Kansas Late Term Abortion Law there is no Pro-Life alternative.  The rule in Kansas is: no medical necessity, no late-term abortion.  That’s why George Tiller is the last abortionist I would single out for criticism.  I certainly think there are far better ways to protect the unborn than to hound Dr. Tiller. 


    I take a minority viewpoint within the Pro-Life movement and I’m constantly being shouted down by the majority.


    Amanda writes about a "small ray of hope".  There’s a ray of hope here for the Pro-Life movement as well and it lies in the opportunity for self-reflection on the part of those who advocate for the very young.  The tactics that have been employed for years against Dr. Tiller and others have not had the effect of increasing people’s respect for the lives of the unborn.  We’ll never advance our cause if we insist upon being irrational and irresponsible — which is exactly what an organization such as "Operation Rescue" is.


    But they get all the press coverage.


    We can learn from each other if we speak respectfully and listen attentively.  The language of ‘Life’ has to become the language of peace.  I’ve been realizing, lately, that working for justice for the unborn is like working for justice for Palestine.  The cause is noble, but you find yourself allied with hateful terrorists.  With friends like that, who needs enemies?


    Paul Bradford

    Pro-Life Catholics for Choice

  • invalid-0

    Even in Victorian times, there were abortions. Mind you, women knew of a plant that caused them and ate it until the plant became extinct. I also agree…birth to death is what is called life.

  • emma

    I was reading about bone marrow transplants a while ago, and I passed out (I’m really needle phobic, and OMG, it sounded agonising). Perhaps they should be banned because they make me squeamish?


    Some of the comments on Amanda’s post just confirm that anti-choicers are crazed, semi-literate, wilfully ignorant fanatics who, due to abject stupidity and outright lunacy, should not be allowed to participate in public debate. Amanda spelled out the circumstances in which late term abortions are performed, and yet the anti-choicers here still insist on believing that it’s cute, healthy little cherubs being aborted for the mother’s and the doctor’s entertainment.


    There is no reasoning with these people, and trying to ‘compromise’ is a waste of time and energy, because they do not occupy anything resembling reality. Fanaticism does that to people, I guess.

  • invalid-0

    Dear Anonymous: If taking a life on purpose is murder …. 99.99% of them are on “your” side.

  • invalid-0

    I’m tired of everyone assuming that what Dr. Tiller did was wonderful. I’m sure he did help women in cases where their babies were malformed or they themselves had severe health issues. In my own case, Dr. Tiller did not act in a professional manner. I was there myself and had an abortion. I was not given a second opinion, I never went to another doctor. I was 26 weeks along and my baby was kicking and moving. I was gaining weight and had all the normal symptoms I’ve had with the 3 pregnancies I have had since. There was no reason for me to be at his clinic, I was there illegally according to Kansas law. My abortion was 100% illegal. I arrived and watched a legacy video and then was sent to a room where an ultrasound was performed. Immediately following was the injection to kill my baby. All of this was performed before any vitals, medical history, and ANY of the consent forms were signed. My parents strongly urged me to have this done. They thought it was best. They and the other family member that knew were very Pro-choice, oddly enough, I really didn’t have a choice. Part of their success was keeping everything a secret. Normally in life, when making an important life-changing decision, we seek answers from many not just three people all of the same thought pattern. These three people knew what they were doing by keeping it secret and keeping me in isolation to make my “choice”. That is the main problem with abortion that I see. We need to see it for what it is and we need to all openly discuss it. Dr.Tiller’s clinic even had a “counselor”, she ended up being the receptionist. This “counselor”,in no way helped me make my decision, again I was left with a woman that thought it would be best. No one once said, this main hurt physcially or mentally for the rest of your life. It hurts everytime I hear someone make comments about how people need to stop thinking of Dr. Tiller as a criminal. The case I tried to bring to court was thrown out because the DA of the county called my parents, and said the affadavit was littered with their name, which is was not. She got my parents very upset and made them think I was going behind their back to file something against them and the doctor. My parents and I have put this behind us. The DA wrote a report, never even speaking to me, and said this was a family squabble and that she would not pursue the case. It’s plain as day that the law was broken SEVERAL times in the health records I recieved from Dr. Tiller’s office. I am in constant disgust from the comments I hear from the Pro-choice people, putting down people like me. I have been there and the only people that were pushy in and around that clinic were the Pro-life people outside. I and so many other pro-lifers feel that Dr. Tiller was shot and killed by a lunatic that acted out in the wrong way. He should be held accountable and charged to the full extent of the law. Dr. Tiller should’ve been too. The other five young ladies in the room with me through out the three-day process were not there because their pregnancy was unhealthy or because of any other reason, but that they or their boyfriends weren’t ready for a baby. All of us were 24 weeks and beyond. I could go on forever, but my point is please think of the whole picture and not the glimpse you want to see. This isn’t a quick, sweet, helpful procedure, and my abortion was not an unusual one at Dr. Tiller’s clinic. Would I feel differently about him if his clinic would have performed abortions on women who were going to die if they give birth or the baby was going to die immediately after birth, yes I would, but he and his colleagues were not heroes to everyone who was “serviced” by his clinic. I will never forget what happened and I will never stop praying that there is an end to abortions done on healthy fetuses/ babies (sorry a woman that goes into preterm labor is not going to call her child a fetus even if it is 24/25/26 and so on week in gestation). I hope you can understand my position and reflect on it before you spew your hatred. I have been on both sides of the track.

  • colleen

    I’m getting sick of you people coming here and endlessly lying. Your story is not believable for many reasons.


    The only difference between the American anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles.

    Dr Warren Hern, MD

  • invalid-0

    exactly what I was thinking. I don’t believe her story at all. These anti-choicers will lie and do anything to keep from awknowledging the very real blood on their hands that they share with Dr. Tiller’s killer. They are not credible in the least, and fool only the whacked out zealots who want to control women, and keep women from getting the very real and life saving healthcare that they need for a myriad of situations. I wonder how many of these anti-choice women will need the kind of care that Dr. Tiller provided, and how many of them won’t be able to get it now, and how that will change their thinking down the road if they live through such a situation. It is easy to stand on the sidelines and scream in ignorance about something when it is happening to others, quite a big difference when you have to face it yourself. Only, who will be there to help them now? No one. These people are beyond pathetic.

  • invalid-0

    Your dramatic self-characterization as those who “take the side of the Unborn.” sounds rather silly to me. How can the rights of the fetus trump the rights of the full-grown woman? This is about women’s rights versus fetus rights, as you said yourself with that phrase “take the side of.” Failing to take the side of the woman, who is a fully developed human person, is nothing other than misogyny.

  • invalid-0

    How many of them were “born with some problems”??

    If the answer is not as many as possible, you’re a hypocritical woman-hater. You say this:

    now, if the mom’s life is in danger- yes, abortion is okay, or if they’re raped. but not late-term abortions, and definitely not for those stupid teens who go out and get pregnant and expect someone else (that poor child) to pay for their mistakes.

    You don’t recognize that underage pregnancy is the result of statutory rape? You don’t recognize that late-term abortions — which are fewer than 1% of all abortions done — include abortions for “women” who were 10 or 12 years old and didn’t realize they were subject to pregnancy? You don’t know that giving a child up for adoption increases a woman’s likelihood of depression and/or suicide afterward?

    On second thought, I hope you’re not raising children. The indoctrination you’d provide is horrendous to consider.

  • invalid-0

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here – if there was indeed a court case involved, there should be records. Give us the name of the DA for starters. Can you show us the report the DA wrote?

  • invalid-0

    If you really want your points to be persuasive, it’s much more effective to post under even a screen name. After all, you wouldn’t people to think you’re ashamed of what you post, would you?

  • invalid-0

    I’m glad to hear you recognize that being irrational and irresponsible (and violent and abusive) will not advance your cause. Another thing that would do a great deal to find some common ground is if you would recognize that there are TWO lives involved in ALL pregnancies and that the woman is not just a replaceable ‘vessel’ but an actual person.

    • invalid-0

      Yes, There are TWO lives, exactly right! Let’s protect the right for both to keep life.

      If the fetus in any way endangers the physical life of its mother…kill it!

      If its a “alive”, let’s error on the side of life.

  • invalid-0

    She needs to post a copy of that DA report.

    Her staory in simply not believable.

    Dr. Tiller was investigated many times by authorities-authorities who were determined to put him out of business.Just recently (1 month before his MURDER) he was ACQUITED by a jury in less than 2 hours. So this woman is saying that despite all the investigations, scrutiny of everything at the clinic, and out and out witch hunts,that we should believe her story- without any proof whatsoever??? And with her admission that a DA even looked into her story and found it to be a family squabble? So we should believe her???
    Right. And I have a bridge to sell you.

  • invalid-0

    I have a friend who went through exactly what you did. She went at month five to find out her baby’s gender. The baby she was SO excited for, that she’d begun decorating a nursery for. Only to find out he (it was male) had no brain, and his spinal cord was not sealed. He would most likely not survive birth.

    She (and you) are part of the less than 1% of women who have abortions after week 20 (ie: late term). Less than 1% of women have this life-saving procedure.

    These forced birth advocates just ignore that statistic, ignore the why. They ignore the truth in favor of fanatical ideology. Commenter #1 apparently doesn’t count the lives of women SAVED by Dr. Tiller. Or do the lives of already born women just not matter?

  • invalid-0

    You’re calling us to task for being impolite? Or outright rude? But it’s not rude for you to think I’m stupid or something incapable of making a major decision about my own body and future? I’m rude, but you think a procedure that could save my life is “hideous?”

    It’s very hard to politely engage someone who thinks you’re just not as special and savable as an unborn child, someone who thinks your life is an acceptable forfeit.

    It’s like you’re asking us to listen to your point of view, that being that once we’re pregnant, we should be forced to carry to term, whether we want to be mothers or not, whether we’re healthy enough, even if it costs us our very lives… and we’re supposed to be nice and smile and say, “well, I see where you’re coming from, but golly, I’d sure like to not die.”

    Lastly. You’re equating abortion with slavery, but not forcing every woman do be nothing but a breathing incubator? The courts say I cannot legally compel you to give me your bone marrow, even if my life is at risk. That this violates a right to bodily integrity. But you’re saying because I happen to be female, I should be legally compelled to sacrifice my bodily integrity to a fetus I may not want, or that may damage or kill me.

  • invalid-0

    First off, interesting use of the phrase “anti-choice.” Does this mean you’ll be accepting your true mantra of “pro-abortion?” The reality is that you don’t support a woman’s right to choose because you don’t provide support for those who choose life. Second, who the hell are you to determine whether a life is worth living however brief that life is? Yes, it may be painful emotionally, but life in many cases is and growth occurs from that. Late-term abortion is not an easy way out, but is turned to as an easy way out. Suffering is not a punishment and if you have religious convictions it could be viewed as an opportunity to suffer with Christ. Is it really so terrible to put oneself out and demonstrate love? Lastly, the murders don’t take place on one side of the debate…in my opinion, the murder count on the pro-abortion side is much, much higher….maybe fanatics are just taking a page from your book and jumping on the band wagon of getting to decide who dies too…

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    There’s a lot of assumptions in here. First off, being pro-choice isn’t the same as being pro-abortion. I don’t want women to have abortions–I would prefer that they never found themselves in situations where abortion was their best option. Secondly, being pro-choice doesn’t mean we don’t also support women who choose to have children. For a personal example, my SIL just had her first child. This isn’t a decision I fully agree with, least of all because my niece was conceived on the heels of a miscarriage. But I’m still going to support them in whatever ways I can, from making baby clothes to starting a college fund for my niece. Thirdly, why should we allow suffering to occur? Yes, growth can happen because of suffering. So can depression and suicide. Suffering is destructive, and while we should help people through it, we shouldn’t encourage it to happen.

  • crowepps

    Second, who the hell are you to determine whether a life is worth living however brief that life is?



    Those decisions should be left to the people who have the information because they are actually INVOLVED in them.


    Is it really so terrible to put oneself out and demonstrate love?

    It’s certainly easy to insist that the OTHER guy should be forced to do that.