Tiller Murder Suspect Speaks

Scott Roeder, the man charged with first-degree murder for
shooting George Tiller, an abortion doctor, spoke to the Associated Press via
phone today.

Though Roeder refused to comment specifically on the
shooting, he felt the need to dispute "broad brush" characterizations of him as
being "anti-government," saying:

"I want people to stop and think: It is not
anti-government; it is anti-corrupt government"

Somehow Roeder finds this to be the important accusation to
dispute, despite the murder charges held against him. Roeder continues:

"I haven’t been convicted of anything, and I am being
treated as a criminal," Scott Roeder said Thursday.

It’s likely that the goal of the phone call, and this
statement, was to garner sympathy from other anti-abortion extremists who
support his actions, like Roeder’s friends
at Operation Rescue; Roeder
doesn’t mention any specifics of his alleged poor treatment.

Concluding the interview, Roeder said, "I appreciate your
prayers." It’s unclear who or why anyone is actually praying for this man.

Rachel Maddow recently covered Roeder’s history, which we
reported on here. Roeder has been
involved in anti-government groups for the past decade, and is staunchly
anti-abortion. His brother David
has said that Roeder has previously suffered from mental illness.

If convicted, Roeder faces a mandatory life sentence.

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