Radical Anti-Abortion Forces May Rebuild Movement Around May 31

The May 31 murder of Wichita physician George Tiller
may hold a creepy significance for militant antiabortion protesters in
the same manner that Adolph Hitler’s birthday has been exploited by
white supremacists to wreak racist mayhem.

Religion and politics writer Frederick Clarkson warns at Women’s eNews.com not to fall prey to the “lone nut” theory that propelled Scott Roeder to murder Dr. Tiller.

Anniversaries are important to those engaged in long-term revolutionary struggles including those on the American far right.

Tim McVeigh, for example, blew up the Oklahoma City federal building
in 1995 on the anniversary of the federal assault on the Branch
Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

It may be no coincidence that Tiller’s assassination occurred on the
sixth anniversary of the capture of Eric Rudolph who was convicted of
pipe bombings the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, a gay bar, and two abortion

Rudolph’s bombing of the clinic in Birmingham, Ala., resulted in the
death of an off duty police officer and the horrible maiming of a
nurse. (The pipe bombs were packed with nails which functioned as

Antiabortion domestic terrorism, including murders, bombings, arsons and threats, is linked to the radical militia movement that simultaneously promotes “Biblical justice” rationales for murdering abortion providers while celebrating those responsible for the violent clashes as “heroes of the faith.”

Rudolph, who is incarcerated under five life sentences in the
Florence Supermax facility in southern Colorado, was tied to the Army
of God, an ultra-conservative, militia-inspired Christian Identity

Both radical and mainstream Christian antiabortion activists tend to frame their cause as a battle against a modern-day Holocaust borrowing heavily on allusion to death camps, innocent victims and an underground resistance movement.

That genocidal context also offers special significance to the
abortion-is-genocide adherents — May 31, 1962 is the date the notorious
“architect of the Holocaust” Nazi SS officer Adolph Eichmann was hanged in Israel for war crimes.

News reports profiling Tiller’s accused murderer Scott Roeder point to him espousing extremist militia and Christian Identity beliefs and Nazi-tinged rantings on antiabortion Web sites:

In recent years, someone using the name Scott Roeder has
posted anti-Tiller comments on various Internet sites. One post, dated
Sept. 3, 2007, and placed on a site called chargetiller.com, said that
Tiller needed to be “stopped.”

“It seems as though what is happening in Kansas could be compared to
the ‘lawlessness’ which is spoken of in the Bible,” it said. “Tiller is
the concentration camp ‘Mengele’ of our day and needs to be stopped
before he and those who protect him bring judgment upon our nation.”

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    I think it’s a great time for pedophiles in this country. They can have their way with infants still in the womb all they want with no chance of recourse. Since children have no rights while in the womb, why not? Countless mothers-to -be are already talking about cashing in on their freedom of choice to pimp out their unborn children as a side income just before they terminate at 9 months. Ahhh the “land of the free.”

  • bj-survivor

    Looks like someone has been skipping his meds.  


    Unborn humans have the same rights to commandeer the body of another person as born ones. Which is zero, zip, zilch.


    Hate to break it to ya, pro-terrorist, but no born person has any sort of right to commandeer the body of another. Not even if he or she would die should they not be allowed to do so. Not even if that person caused the condition for which they now need those bodily tissues. 


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      Try again. And by the way, the cases against Dr. Tiller went nowhere.

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      Yup- I listened to that.. That Kansas law requires 2 independent doctors certify that “the pregnant woman will die” or face “substantial and irreversible harm” to a “major bodily function”

      So this so called doctor- a phychiatrist who has never seen the patient, says that there were no “full phychiatric evaluations” on the patients. So what? That’s not the issue anyway.

      So he is saying he knows more than 3 other medical doctors who actually examined the patient.

      Hey, how about we let this guy diagnose your next serious health issue- without ever seeing you. In fact, why don’t you just stop going to a doctor all together and just ask this guy to diagnose any health issues you may have by e-mail. That’s the kind of medical treatment you deserve.

      As we have all said, despite this guy’s nonsense- Tiller was acquitted in less than 2 hours. So this guy’s credibility must not have been very high- HUH?

      Try dealing with FACTS, not making up stuff and calling it the “truth”. You wouldn’t know truth if it ran over you.

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      This guy is a right wing idealogue, who “advises” the Catholic Church on “sexual matters”. Not sure what that means- but we all understand that the Catholic Church by golly is sure the expert on sexual matters. His so-called theories have been criticized within the medical field.
      No wonder the jury didn’t believe him, or maybe wisely, the AG didn’t bother calling him at all..

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    From the conservative Washington Times August 21, 2002

    Strange bedfellows by Judith Reisman and Dennis Jarrard

    “If you found the clergy sex abuse scandal shocking, prepare for another jolt: the Catholic bishops are getting their “expert” advice on pedophilia from people who have covered up or even defended sex between men and children.

    The bishops recently chose Dr. Paul McHugh, former chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, as chief behavioral scientist for their new clergy sex crimes review board. Yet Dr. McHugh once said Johns Hopkins’ Sexual Disorders Clinic, which treats molesters, was justified in concealing multiple incidents of child rape and fondling to police, despite a state law requiring staffers to report them.

    “We did what we thought was appropriate,” said Dr. McHugh, then director of Hopkins’ Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, which oversaw the sex clinic. He agreed with his subordinate, clinic head Fred Berlin, who broke the then-new child sexual abuse law on the grounds that it might keep child molesters from seeking treatment.”