Bill O’Reilly’s Rage Against Tiller

With the murder of George Tiller, we’ve witnessed a media
storm. Hours after the first reports, people were already pointing fingers. It looks like in this instance, Bill O’Reilly will receive much of the blame. Since 2005, Tiller has been mentioned on O’Reilly’s show on 28 separate occasions. The accusations against Tiller were brutal: he was nick-named "Tiller the Baby Killer"; he was called a Nazi; he was said to be "operating a death mill"; and "has blood on his hands." During one segment, O’Reilly said:

"I wouldn’t want to be these people if there is a Judgment Day. I just — you know … Kansas is a great state, but this is a disgrace upon everyone who lives in Kansas. Is it not?"

Perhaps it’s unfair to blame a grisly murder committed by a
sociopath on a television host.  But what O’Reilly does – and he does it very well – is nourish the rage of his viewers and then profit off of it. He’s a source of comfort for his viewers, while he simultaneously feeds their discomfort.

Watch O’Reilly, if you must, and there’s something primeval at work. Ignore the garbage he’s actually spouting on air, and listen instead to the gradual rise in his speech, from a calm, reasonable tone, to red-faced rage. It’s practiced, intentional, and effective. It creates a dissonance that,
by the end of the show, isn’t relieved. And as the weeks go by, the outrages stack up, and though O’Reilly’s regular viewers might be comforted by the fact that he embodies a simplistic worldview similar to their own, below the surface, the show perpetuates an embedded discomfort. As the pressure builds, eventually, someone might snap.

The show disguises itself as a daily political debate, but it’s really a daily confrontation. There isn’t a search for understanding because trenches were already dug before the show even started. The guest on each show is a hated other, who, in the minds of O’Reilly’s audience, is the personification of their deepest fears. The guests are on the receiving end of a massive exercise in primal scream therapy.

And it isn’t just O’Reilly. You can just as easily replace him with Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh; the formats of each of their shows are essentially the same. It’s easy to dislike these hosts because of their political views, but the really sinister stuff is just below the surface. As we can now see, the results can be incredibly dangerous.

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  • invalid-0

    To declare something “unfair”, and then go on to do the very thing you declared unfair?

  • progo35

    John-I’d like to see a quote proving that O’Reilly called Tiller a Nazi, as well as calling his clinic a “death mill.”

    "Well behaved women seldom make history."-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  • heather-corinna
  • invalid-0

    O’Reilly commented on Tiller?
    I saw some in 2005 and 2006….. but noting since. But, I didn’t spend long looking.

    If there is nothing since, is it fair to try to blame O’Reilly? Even in the fevered minds of the pro-death lobby?

  • invalid-0

    Cite a real source?

  • heather-corinna

    That’s mostly video and audio from O’Reilly’s own show and interviews: I don’t know how much more of a direct source you could ask for.  Kos is merely where it is sitting in that link.


    Are you suggesting that is NOT O’Reiily in all that video?  Not his words?  Kos dubbed him?  Really?


    Dan, if you and progo prefer different sources and really want this information, I bet you can google and find it all just as quickly as I can.

  • invalid-0

    Just commenting that Kos is hardly credible.

    I don’t know what O’Reilly has said. And I would not put it past the Kos to destroy the context in which comments are made.

  • progo35

    I’m sorry, Heather, although I regard Tiller’s murder as deplorable, I do not view the Daily Kos as a credible source, as it has repeatedly lied and mangled facts about conservatives and about people with whom it disagrees.  O’Reilly did call Tiller a "baby killer," etc, but I would need to see more than just the Daily Kos saying that he accusd him of being a Nazi to take that at face value. 


    "Well behaved women seldom make history."-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  • progo35

    Saw audio-Yes, he did say all the stuff in the video, but that did not include saying any “Nazi stuff” as the Kos calls it.

    "Well behaved women seldom make history."-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  • progo35

    Dan-the last time that O’Reilly commented on Tiller was during and after his trial this year, twice during the trial and once after the trial, if my memory serves me.

    "Well behaved women seldom make history."-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  • invalid-0

    I am a regular viewer of O’Reilly’s show on FOX (anyone surprised?), and don’t recall this as a frequent topic. And I am sure that I would have noticed any suggestion by O’Reilly promoting violence against ANYONE.
    He is a passionate proponent of his position, as are many on the opposite side. Blaming him for Tiller’s death is unfair and unproductive. The gunman is the one responsible.
    Of course, some will not let a good “crisis” go to waste.

  • heather-corinna

    So, again, why not do a google search yourself?


    If you do, you’ll find references to the Nazi business at Alternet, Salon, HuffPo and any number of other places.


    If you’re waiting to see that linked or sourced at more conservative sources, you may have a tougher time, and I don’t think that’s because those sources above are making anything up or mangling facts.

  • invalid-0

    the one making a charge to demonstrate sufficient evidence to support the charge.

    Thus, the request for the blog author to provide his source is imminently reasonable, don’t you think?

    And an edited snippet of a longer segment is subject to distortion, don’t you think?

  • invalid-0

    Tiller WAS a baby killer…… Everyone admits that.

    Now, lest I be accused of “inciting murder” by the good folk here, being a “baby killer” is not a reason to kill another, as long as there is a civil society to deal with such issues.

    But it is a grisly business Tiller and his supporters wax eloquent about….. there is no denying it.

  • colleen

    Saw audio-Yes, he did say all the stuff in the video, but that did not include saying any "Nazi stuff" as the Kos calls it.

    If you and your new friend actually followed and read the links that Joe provided in his excellet article here you would find that the Salon article cites the following:

    Tiller, O’Reilly likes to say, "destroys fetuses for just about any reason right up until the birth date for $5,000." He’s guilty of "Nazi stuff," said O’Reilly on June 8, 2005; a moral equivalent to NAMBLA and al-Qaida, he suggested on March 15, 2006. "This is the kind of stuff happened in Mao’s China, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union," said O’Reilly on Nov. 9, 2006.

    This is on the first page of the Salon article so you and Dan don’t have to trouble yourselves by reading the entire article as clearly that’s difficult for Fox news devotees.

    I believe that most of your other petty quibbling and questions can be answered if you follow Joe’s links. 

    Now that i have youir attention, progo35 (if that is your real name) I would like to point you and Marysia to an article by Frank Schaeffer. in which he admits his complicity in yesterday’s murder. I was impressed by his capacity for self examination and understanding of how his own actions led to Tiller’s death. Would that people like you and Marysia and Bill O’Reilly were half as decent 





  • colleen

    My apologies. I forgot to include the link. It is found here

  • jodi-jacobson

    and many, many times before and since.


    Please, please do your homework.


    As Heather notes, Daily Kos has a selection of many clips, also posted on our site, numerous of which were just replayed on Keith Olbermann’s show. You can see them for yourself.
    He not only "commented," his words are based on total disregard for facts, and are tantamount to calling for acts of violence.


    Jodi Jacobson

  • harry834

    free speech, constitutionally speaking, is not the issue here. Bill clearly has it AND NONE of the criticisms against him, no matter how strong we are, can be defined as “censorship”. Our anti-Bill words are freee speech. Bill’s ugly words are free speech. Etc.

    So the next point is: do Bill’s words – and similar words – “incite violence”. Obviously they have to be strong to do this, and Bill’s words are very strong. STILL FREE SPEECH, but strong, intense, telling people they should view this doctor as worthy hateful scorn worthy of Nazis.

    Now, listening to these words is not enough to make anyone kill anyone. The listener must also be strongly anti-abortion. But even that is not enough to make someone kill, as most anti-abortion believers, including the ones that love to throw the word “baby killer” around, are NOT going to bring themselves to kill.

    So the question is: what conditions DO make one kill a doctor?

    It must be a conglomeration of many things, and strong words and anti-abortion sentiment are merely PART of that answer.

    Tell me more…what conglomeration of conditions do cause one to kill an abortion doctor?…..

  • paul-bradford

    For some reason the post hasn’t gotten here yet, but Marysia had a thoughtful post up on her ‘site.  She also posted it to Jill Stanek’s ‘site. 


    Paul Bradford

    Pro-Life Catholics for Choice

  • invalid-0

    Any Muslim who incited terrorism like O’Reilly did would be in Gitmo now.

  • invalid-0

    I don’t think it is right to blame anyone except the killer. How many times do we decent non=murdering people think bad thoughts on someone? The difference is doing the deed. Thinking and doing are two totally different things.

    • invalid-0

      When the person does not smile, it does not mean at all, that to it is sad. I have not hit in snotty reflexions, at all was not present.

      It can is simple for any reason or in the absence of possibility does not show it, and on the business to it very much even is cheerful. The same and with sick”. If someone does not cry, it does not mean, that to it is not sick. And on the contrary…

  • invalid-0

    YOU people supporting a womanizing person like Bill are out of what is reality Ha! you are a joke.

  • invalid-0

    “And it isn’t just O’Reilly. You can just as easily replace him with Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh; the formats of each of their shows are essentially the same.” – those shows are horrible, but in this instance O’Rilley is to blame. You shouldn’t be able to (ab)use media like that.

  • invalid-0

    Bill O’Reilly murders truth everyday. What are progressives going to do about it?