Dr. Tiller’s Death Must Not be in Vain

As a future physician and provider, Dr. Tiller’s murder shakes me to the core. A man, who spent a large portion of his life serving women through legal, safe procedures, was gunned down on his way into church.  He was truly a women’s health hero.  My thoughts are with his family today.  


It is no surprise that so few medical students intend on becoming abortion providers.  This life path can be dangerous-you and your family are targeted by radicals, your clinic picketed, and your patients harassed. Often, abortion providers can’t even discuss that part of their practice with their family and friends for fear of back lash.  Those that become abortion providers do it because they believe in a woman’s right to choose and feel access to abortion is a basic right. Providers like Dr. Tiller, Dr. Carhart, and Dr. Hanson have shown us courage in the face of personal risk.  They are truly inspirational leaders to those of us contemplating entering the field.


Remember, without providers, there is no choice.  We can fight for the legal right to privacy and the ability to obtain an abortion, but if there is no one left to perform the actual abortion, what is the point.  [Consider donating to Medical Students for Choice www.ms4c.org.  The only organization that fosters support for medical students considering abortion care as a career path.]


Dr. Tiller’s death must not be in vain.  Now is the time to recognize the real threat to abortion providers and women seeking their services.  Now is the time to recognize the extreme lack of abortion providers and resources for women.  Now is the time to recognize Dr. Tiller as a hero, and perhaps in death he can truly change the face of the pro-choice movement and the future of abortion care.


As a group, we must come together in this time of tragedy-celebrate his life and look towards the future, together.


If you are in the DC area, there will be a vigil to honor the life of Dr.George Tiller from 6:30pm at the White House (LaFayettePark side) on Monday, June 1st. We will honor Dr Tiller and all that he has done providing safe, legal abortion for thousands of women.  Bring a candle with you and any words you would like to share.    Additional vigils can be found here: 




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  • progo35

    Davy-we should be horrified that Dr. Tiller was gunned down. If we want to have a truly pro life society, we cannot condone murder, no matter what.

    "Well behaved women seldom make history."-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  • invalid-0

    The negative comments above are pretty shocking: uninformed and classless at best, willfully ignorant and callous.

    Not that it should make a difference in the rightness or wrongness of his death, but FYI, Dr. Tiller performed early inductions for many women who were in terrible situations due to complex medical issues or domestic abuse. Many of these women had to simultaneously cope with the hateful stigma against abortion and grieve the children they would have happily borne under other circumstances. Dr. Tiller was committed to these women’s lives, health, hopes and dreams.

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      I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried.

      What I am afraid of there will be doctors that are going to set up residences in these horrible hotels and start doing these procedures and we are going to find a lot of dead women in allies and by ways that would have never happened if he were still alive.

      This man who did this horrible act will be deamed insane and nothing will happen to him except live his life in an institution somewhere but there is really nothing can be done to him that will bring the doctor back NOTHING and that is a fact.

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    How long will it remain totally one-sided?

    Right-to-lifers murder abortion providers in a regular pattern, when the President is pro-choice and not when he is right-to-life. HOWEVER, there has NEVER been a case in USA where a pro-choicer murdered a right-to-lifer in the name of abortion rights. Never.

    It CAN’T remain one-sided forever. That would be contrary to, well, some current-events equivalent of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. There’s no such thing as a totally one-sided equilibrium and non-equilibrium means unstable.

    If I were a well-known right-to-lifer and did not already have personal security in place, I’d think about taking my family on a long European vacation, and taking off on the first available flight.

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      So far it has been one sided, but all it takes is ONE. One person that couldn’t stand the thought of being treated like a container with a toy prize inside again. One person who obtained an abortion because the treatment received during Labor and Delivery of previous children was so degrading and horrible that the person could not face another delivery, no matter what. One person who was spoken to with kindness by Dr Tiller, treated with respect for once in her life. One person with a mental health problem that could rival the “pro-life” extremists and willing to sacrifice the rest of her life for revenge. What has saved the “pro-lifers” so far is that most “pro-choicers” aren’t crazy. But all it takes is one.

    • invalid-0

      One idiot decides to kill someone and another idiot decides it’s time for abortion rights activists to start hunting pro-life activists. This is a complex issue that needs to be addressed by the grown-ups. Go back to your milk and cookies and let the adults handle things.

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    Pro-choicers abort about a million right-to-lifers every year in America. Sure, some procedures are medically necessary but the majority are elective – for reasons not much different from those justifying cosmetic surgery.

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    Anonymous, you are a coward. You are probably a man who has no business trying to decide why women have abortions. Abortion will always exist, as long as the zygote or fetus is growing in another person’s body, which happens to be wWOMEN’s bodies, for reasons that are not your or anyone else’s business. No matter what you say, and no matter WHAT the American “Christian” right Taliban does. We will emerge stronger from this. Don’t kid yourself. NO ONE is going to take away our choices, or our right to autonomy. NO ONE.

    • invalid-0

      While murder of the innocent and helpless is wrong, the killing of one to save many can be justified.
      Live by the sword, die by the sword. I think it is poetic justice that a murderer be taken in an ungodly church. Any church who would sanction the murderer and the atrocities he commited carry the blood stains of thousands of helpless children on that church as well. Yes, sanctioned because they allowed him a position within the church. Tiller reaped what he sowed. It should be a wakening call to the church he attended.
      If anyone of you who believe in abortion watched what happens to a helpless baby as they are litterally torn onto pieces and did not change their mind is sadistic.
      I dare all of you to watch what a baby goes through as it’s arms, legs, intestines and brain and the rest of the poor child are sucked out a tube and thrown into a garbage can, or thrown into a garbage can still alive with shreded body parts to die cold and calously.
      Yes Dr. Tiller got what he deserved.
      Truth hurt? too bad.

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    Call them anti-choice zealots, call them the American Taliban, call them American terrorists, call them mysogonists, call them nutcases, but they are not right to life. If they were, they would have surely protested during GW Bush’s crimes against humanity, war, capital punishment, etc. You know, crimes against born, live, sanctioned by a birth certificate, REAL people, instead of just what is in a woman’s WOMB.

  • invalid-0

    “Live by the sword, die by the sword”??? Last time I checked, this wasn’t the 15th century.

    I’m sorry you are so misinformed about abortion procedures. You probably just listen to the BS rhetoric thrown around by the right and zealots and take it as truth. In fact, I have seen an abortion and it is nothing like you have described….nothing. I am fairly certain you have never seen an abortion though.

    It’s absolutely not worth getting in a debate with you about the pro-choice/anti-choice issue. A man was murdered yesterday and to say that he deserved it is insane to me (disclaimer-I do not define the fetus as a person). You may have not agreed with what Dr. Tiller did, but you need to check yourself-take a look in the mirror and realize what a cold and callous thing to say.